Kehte hain mujhko… (Hawaa Hawaai – Music Review)

Amol Gupte is back into his children zone after the critically acclaimed Stanley Ka Dabba. It looks quite inspiring from the trailer and the music in the trailer also sounds nice. Hitesh Sonik is mainly a background scorer. The last film which he gave music for, was Akaash Vani I guess. In background score he has a very strong hold. He also last year won Filmfare for best background score for Kai Po Che! In music direction, he is a bit week for me. His composition never appealed much. I doubt the case is different this time.Hawaa_Hawaai_Poster



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Music: Hitesh Sonik;  Lyrics: Amol Gupte;  Music Label: Zee Music


1. Hawaa Hawaai – Singers: Hitesh Sonik, Swaroop Khan

The title track is very well sung by Swaroop Khan sounding very much like Sukhwinder Singh. The beats are typically in Hitesh Sonik style. Lyrics are motivational talking particularly about the skateboard, a sport on which the film is based. Guitar is in well tuning with the the rhythm. Harmonium is beautifully used as the interlude. Following that, the antara is very disappointing. Whatever energy has been created till the interlude, is spoiled in the antara. Inspirational mukhda, depressing antara.


2. Ghoom Gayi – Singer: Sunidhi Chauhan

It’s a Sundhi show all the way. The typical rhythm of Hitesh Sonik with foot tapping arrangements create a nice atmosphere. It seems that this song could be very beneficial for the movie. But very soon the song dissipates the expectation. The second antara makes the song exhausting. Sunidhi is undoubtedly the showman. She has carried away this otherwise uninteresting song so well that it definitely urges one or two attempts. Nothing special without Sunidhi.


3. Sapno Ko Ginte Ginte – Singer: Hitesh Sonik

Now, this is highly impressive. Hitesh Sonik delivers a very soothing and soulful melody which starts with a sensuous Flute giving the apt space for Guitar being played in slightly similar pattern as that of Maa (Taare Zameen Par). The whistle which follows, gives assurance that something beautiful has been offered to us. That whistle supports the melody appropriately. Lyrics has a philosophical touch. It’s quite a relaxation listening to the lyrics. Hitesh Sonik has sung wonderfully, crooning each word carefully and steadily. Beautiful. #WelcomeSong


4. Sar Utha Ke – Singers: Hitesh Sonik, Javed Ali

A very short rendition by Javed Ali. It’s an inspirational track having motivational lyrics and boosting orchestration. Javed Ali rules the song with his vocals. It perfectly suited him in a way that nobody would have rendered it so beautifully. The Guitar is obviously necessary in almost every Hitesh Sonik composition. The percussion is a thing to listen. The duration of the track is applauding as the if the track had been a little longer, it could have sounded boring. Melodious singing, ear-friendly arrangements, inspiring lyrics.


5. Choolhe Ke Angaarey – Singer: Amol Gupte

A very mild rhythm starts the song and continues to be there. This song is sung by the director himself. It’s a typcial Hitesh Sonik composition. Dull, boring and flat. I don’t want to say anything bad as it must have involved his emotions but the composition as well as the lyrics are very depressing. The tune is quite poignant and does not at all justifies what it has to deliver i.e inspiration. Not at all for the mass. Not very much for the class too.


Hawaa Hawaai is not made for every music lover. It could have been sweeter, cuter and more beautiful. Hitesh Sonik’s staid compositions have made this album abated. They have slackened the required energy and sweetness. Choolhe Ke Angaarey is the most depressing song of the album. Ghoom Gayi and Sar Utha Ke are saved by Sunidhi Chauhan and Javed Ali respectively. The song that standout for its sweet composition, arrangement and lyrics is Sapno Ko Ginte Ginte which is beautifully crooned by the composer himself.


The Final Verdict:  OKAY



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