Not Angry but Sweet! (Angry Young Man – Music Review)

It is the Bollywood debut of Ramesh Rout who has directed an Oriya film Chanda Na Tame Tara. Angry Young Man is thrilling and mysterious journey of a guy who’s every breath was filled with revenge. There are two music directors, one is a duo Amjad-Nadeem, former assistants of Pritam and music directors of films like Mumbai Mirror, Zilla Ghaziabad etc. They have three tracks. The other one is Mickey Mcleary who is currently ruling the ad world with his magical jingles. He has the remaining two tracks. The credits have been sloppily given. There’s no mention of which song is by which composer. But the good thing is that by listening to the songs, anybody can identify which song belongs to which composer.angry


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Music Label: Times Music


1. Bawri – Singers: Mamta Sharma, Farhan Sabri, Amjad Khan;  Music: Amjad-Nadeem;  Lyrics: Shabbir Ahmed

             I was wondering why there wasn’t any item song of Mamta Sharma till now this year and here Amjad-Nadeem fulfilled this. It’s a very very typical item song which has all those aggressive beats, Dholak, Harmonium and Mamta Sharma’s vocals. Not catchy, but quite an irritating tune it has. It’s better to not to talk about Shabbir Ahmed’s lyrics. The song starts with a different approach using Tumbi and Punjabi percussion but soon the song turns into a below average item song. Tiresome effort!


2. Khamoshiya – Singer: Javed Ali;  Music: Amjad-Nadeem;  Lyrics: Shabbir Ahmed

Whatever allegations I have made against Shabbir Ahmed for existing as a lyricist with lack of words, I take back all of them. It’s a long three-antara song with meaningful and beautiful lyrics perfectly woven into the melodious tune by Amjad-Nadeem. The composers have easily got the opportunity to use different instruments for three different interludes. The basic rhythm is of Tabla played in a conventional Bollywood style. In the first interlude, Harmonium paces up well with the rhythm and Sarangi comes with a settling approach which gives a way for the first antara. Violin and Flute manages the second and the third interlude respectively. What beautiful arrangements! Coordination of instruments! Enchanting rhythm! Javed Ali’s soulful vocals. Nice lyrics. Melodious tune! There’s not a single flaw in this track.


3. Tere Bin Jiya – Singers: Mohammad Irfan, Shivranjani Singh;  Music: Amjad-Nadeem;  Lyrics: Shabbir Ahmed

Mohammad Irfan has now acquired a second favorite position of every romantic listener. After Arijit Singh, he is the person to be adored. To be honest, the tune does not have any charm. It is just a Mohammad Irfan’s show all the way. His silky vocals have created a great impact and have made the tune sound luxurious and classy. Lyrics are typcial Shabbir Ahmed type i.e having nothing to boast upon. The backing vocals by Shivranjani completely fail to impress. A very average attempt! 


4. Ek Wajah Do – Singer: Shalmali Kholgade;  Music: Mikey Mccleary;  Lyrics: Ankur Tiwari

With Mikey’s entry to the soundtrack, the sound changes completely. It is entirely a different atmosphere. It’s a beautiful, cute and refreshing melody in which Mikey has given a retro sound. Mikey is perfect when it comes to composing a retro song. The antara has a Jazz touch which gives a unique elegance to the song. He has used the retro elements perfectly, arranged intelligently so that the retro feel be remained there and freshness co-exists with it. What improbable coordination of Harmonica and Accordion has been done! The rhythm is something to be flattered. If some awesomeness is still left, there’s Shalmali to fulfill it. She meritoriously have rendered this melody with absence of any flaw. You can’t ignore this one! Simply Outstanding! #WelcomeSong


5. Angry Young Man – Singers: Mauli Dave, Shubhajit Mukherjee;  Music: Mickey Mccleary;  Lyrics:  Ankur Tiwari

It is not at all easy to compose a title track of such a weird title. What Mikey did, is applauding. The hook line is so damn catchy that it really makes you wonder how he would have thought of such a thing where there was no scope for it. I am talking about Mauli Dave’s lines. She was a contestant in Saregamapa. Actually she has got the best part in the song. Where Mikey went retro in Ek Wajah Do, in this he is fully techno oriented. He has used various sounds leaving a nice impact on the listener. Not worth attempting, but likable. 


Angry Young Man is the one of the most surprising soundtracks of this year. I hardly had any expectation from it. Ofcourse Bawri made me more assured of that. Then Khamoshiya beautifully thrashed my expectations, Tere Bin Jiya impresses with Mohammad Irfan on the mic, Ek Wajah Do is an intelligent composition mixing the retro and Jazz elements very well and the title track is quite catchy. Amjad-Nadeem and Mikey Mccleary both have one outstanding and one average track. 


The Final Verdict:  OKAY



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