Kuku deserves this “Jhand”!! (Kuku Mathur Ki Jhand Ho Gayi – Music Review)

I was adoring the music of Ekta Kapoor’s films and then I got in touch with this album. A film with a very long weird name and a list of composers doesn’t seem quite promising. Newcomers have been roped and a new director is there who doesn’t seem to be much interested in music. The result is as worse as you can imagine or may be you can’t. The music of this film is by Parichay, Dr. Palash Sen, Mikey McCleary and Anand Bajpai.Kuku-Mathur-Ki-Jhand-Ho-Gayi



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Music Label:  T Series


1. Tarzan – Singers: Anu Malik, Anmol Malik, Parichay;  Music: Parichay;  Lyrics: Manoj Yadav, Parichay

Anu Malik with his typical mimic singing starts to sing some ruffled lines which do not make sense, instead annoy you. The use of English phrases in between, is now quite an old charm and it doesn’t charm at all. Anmol Malik is unimpressive though much better than her father. After these nuances, the beats are simple yet highly applauding. If it was an instrumental track, it would have impressed more. Barring vocals, it’s quite a decent one!


2. Phacebook Pyaar – Singers: Dr. Palash Sen, Tulsi Kumar;  Music: Dr. Palash Sen;  Lyrics: Dr. Palash Sen, Deekshant Sherawat

Dr. Palash Sen has come to Bollywood after a long time. He seems to be happy in the indie scene. The tune he has made, is quite catchy specially the hook line. The use of Sarod in such a song is something that only an indie musician can do. His nasal singing is one of the interesting parts of this song. But what to to do with Tulsi Kumar? I don’t find any reason for taking her in this song as it is not even a Bhushan Kumar film. She has literally sounded cheap. The composer is almost successful of what he must be trying to make. 


3. Welcome Maiyya – Singers: Jitender Dev, Onkar Singh;  Music: Dr. Palash Sen;  Lyrics: Dr. Palash Sen, Deekshant Sherawat

This is one of the most authentic film songs I have heard. Palash has created an authentic atmosphere of Mata ki chowki. No wonder he created that atmosphere in his studio. He has maintained every minute elements of sound which you can expect in a Mata ki chowki. Even the elements like the mic problem, saying jai ho after every line, the way of playing Harmonium and the way of singing it. The lyrics also give an authentic feel as if actually you are sitting there. Efficiently composed!


4. Chop Chop – Singer: Mic3Ophone;  Music: Mikey McCleary;  Lyrics: Tanmay Bahulekar

It’s a full techno track sung by some microphone kind of a singer. Mostly we don’t expect this kind of song from Mikey as he is mostly in the retro mood. The way the techno sound has been used is annoying. Some humor has also been roped in the form of “ye music computer pe banta hai!!” After that, dupstep sound starts. The humor is not at all enjoyable. I hope there is a reason for this in the film. The lyricist has hardly any role in this. Mikey disappoints.


5. Tu Tu Tu – Singer: Ankur Tewari;  Music: Mikey McCleary;  Lyrics: Ankur Tewari

This is a lyrically oriented song where Ankur has compared things like Chaabi and Taala, Sutta and Dhuaan and in the same way, tu hai mere liye. Not a great one but really a nice attempt of writing. Mikey’s music gives some relief in this song as it shows some traits of style. This is most probably the first song sung by Ankur and he has done it quite well. The rhythm is foot tapping and arrangements are cool. Squinter rules among the blinds. #WelcomeSong


6. 1 2 3 (Gangster Jaagran) – Singers: Ashish Ddavidd, Jitender Dev;  Music: Dr. Palash Sen;  Lyrics: Dr. Palash Sen

Palash here gives an upsetting performance after two decent tracks. The lyrics are catchy but quite childish. It has plain arrangements and has a very childlike tune. Not worth your time.


7. Tu Mera Joota Main Tera Fita – Singer: Anand Bajpai; Music: Anand Bajpai;  Lyrics: Raghav Dutt

It’s a fun track which Anand Bajpai has composed very well. Lyrics by Raghav Dutt are sweet and phonetic. The use of Banjo in the interlude is quite fascinating considering the kind of song it is. The tune is pleasantly catchy and the arrangements are worth noticing. He had featured in a Ramji Gulati song on Friendship Day. It is his first song as a composer. So the two new composer and lyricist have given a strong debut.


Kuku Mathur Ki Jhand Ho Gayi is an avoidable soundtrack. Mikey’s Tu Tu Tu and Anand Bajpai’s debut song are mainly the saviors. Palash Sen performed decently with Welcome Maiyya because of its authentic arrangements. The album is not worth the time. 


The Final Verdict:  NOT A PROBLEM



Musical Sameekshaa Monthly Awards (May):


Singer of the Month (Female):  Shalmali Kholgade – Ek Wajah Do (Angry Young Man)

Singer of the Month (Male):  Arijit Singh – Ek Charraiya (Citylights)

Singer Jodi of the Month:  Rahat Fateh Ali Khan & Shreya Ghoshal – Shamein (Khwaabb)

Composer of the Month (Song):  Mikey McCleary – Ek Wajah Do (Angry Young Man)

Lyricist of the Month:  Rashmi Singh – Ek Charraiya (Citylights)

Composer of the Month (Album):  Jeet Ganguly – Citylights

Song of the Month:  Muskurane – Citylights  (Jeet Ganguly, Rashmi Singh)

Album of the Month:  Citylights (Sony Music)


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