The Masters in their ordinary form!! (Holiday – Music Review)

When you come fresh from the success after composing Shaadi Ke Side Effects and writing Highway, it is quite obvious that people expects you to do wonders in your next albums. When you have already heard the awesome soundtrack of Ghajini, which the director AR Murugadoss extracted from the brilliant AR Rahman, your expectations leap forward. This Akshay-Sonakshi starer is a remake of a Tamil film Thuppakki, whose soundtrack was given by Harris Jayaraj. Now in this Hindi version, the director has roped in the most loved composer-lyricist jodi of Bolllywood i.e Pritam and Irshad Kamil. One song has been composed by Kaushik and penned by Sukumar Dutta. Holiday_-_A_Soldier_Is_Never_Off_Duty_(poster)



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Music Label: Zee Music Company / Sony Music


1. Shaayraana – Singer: Arijit Singh;  Music: Pritam;  Lyrics: Irshad Kamil

It’s a typical Pritam melody fused with a weird style of Murugadoss of repeating words multiple times. Irshad Kamil hasn’t gone very far in this. Instead, he has kept himself to a certain limit, providing words which are strictly limited to the pattern of composition. Inspite of the limit, his writing has some great elements. Pritam always utilizes Arijit to the fullest. He has done the same here. The use of Harmonium is quite efficient. The use of Sarangi is justifying according to the location in the video. The line subah dhundha in the antara is a pure Pritam-ish style which always proves to be engaging and cute. A gracious melody.


2. Tu Hi Toh Hai / Tu Hi Toh Hai (Version-2) – Singer: Benny Dayal / Kunal Ganjawala;  Music: Pritam;  Lyrics: Irshad Kamil

This is a type of song which you could have expected from Pritam and Irshad Kamil five years back but now you won’t. They both have raised their bars damn high and hence it’s impossible to hear songs from them of their former level. It’s a very ordinary song that has good orchestration of Violin and false vocals by Benny Dayal. Apart from that, Irshad Kamil’s lyrics are very ordinary. Neither they have the commercial power nor the literary essence. The heavy techno sounds in a fun song  like this, are a big let down. Instead of engaging the listeners, they pull away the interest of the listeners. Also, the beauty of Pritam’s songs lies in the bridge which connects the antara to the mukhda and here it has ended abruptly in the line main ho gaya hoon tera. The other version by Kunal Ganjawala is even worse as his vocals are not as flexible as that of Benny.  A song which takes you back to the old days of Pritam.


3. Ashq Na Ho – Singer: Arijit Singh;  Music: Pritam;  Lyrics: Irshad Kamil

Some songs are not made to be reviewed. They are made to be praised. This is one of those songs. Again a brilliant utilization of Arijit’s vocals, this song is one of the most difficult compositions of Pritam. It has a certain kind of a melancholic tune which forces you to cry as if something has hurt you emotionally. Irshad Kamil’s lyrics are icing on the cake. He has written just like sad fauji songs usually are, but with great maturity and emotion. Pritam has used Sarod quite efficiently along with the Guitar. It has a very minimal percussion which comes just before the ending in the form of Matka. The Violins have well supported the orchestra department, contributing to the atmosphere of sadness. A composition direct from the heart. #WelcomeSong


4. Blame The Night – Arijit Singh, Aditi Singh Sharma, Piyush Kapoor;  Music: Pritam;  Lyrics: Irshad Kamil

The last club song of Pritam, Desi Romance, also had started with beautiful Piano and this one too. Piyush Kapoor, a contestant of X Factor, who had also performed with Pritam in that show, has done the rap here. Unlike other club songs of Pritam, this one doesn’t have much scope for lyrics and therefore Irshad Kamil’s lyrics have got dominated. The tune is obviously catchy but surprisingly not addictive, leaving the na na na part. The song has international feel but it doesn’t seem to have the appeal for desi listeners. Arijit has nailed this just like he did the other two. Easy on ears and technically awesome! 

5. Palang Tod Naina / Palang Tod – Singers: Mika Singh, Ritu Pathak;  Music: Kaushik;  Lyrics: Sukumar Dutta

                      I don’t understand why Murugadoss gave Kaushik and Sukumar this one  song. They just thrashed away the level made by Pritam and Irshad Kamil. You can’t expect such a disgusting track in a big movie. Inspite of having Mika behind the mic, the composer hasn’t utilized him at all. It’s a cheap song which lowers the impression of this album. Both the versions are equally dreadful. The former has more desi arrangements which are replaced by techno beats in the latter one. An awful creation!


Holiday: Shaayraana is a powerful melody which will surely remain with the listeners for a long time. Ashq Na Ho is one of the best compositions of Pritam and deserves to be immortal. Tu Hi Toh Hai is a good decent song but if you consider the level of Pritam and Irshad Kamil, it hardly stands anywhere. Blame The Night is a brilliant club song but has a drawback of not being able to attract or appeal the listeners. The worst of the album is ofcourse the non-Pritam-Kamil song Palang Tod which doesn’t deserve to be the part of this album. A soundtrack not for the liveliness but for the livelihood of Pritam and Irshad Kamil.


The Final Verdict:  OKAY



Listeners Ki Sameekshaa  (Public Review)

  •  Holiday seriously beats Thuppakki album by miles. Thuppakki alb was average.
  • Ashq Na Ho‘ is a timeless composition!
  •  Ashq Na Ho is the song which can beat any song or album.


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2 thoughts on “The Masters in their ordinary form!! (Holiday – Music Review)

  1. ‘A soundtrack not for the livliness but for livelihood..’
    Bhai ye tag lines kaha se dimag me late ho…
    U r just awesome…


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