A winsome debut by Arijit Datta!! (Filmistaan – Music Review)

Films which are concentrated on their satirical contents, generally do not contain good music stuff. By the presence of a newcomer Arijit Datta, the case is quite different here. Being a newcomer, he has his fresh sound which breaks these preconceptions and makes this album an interesting treat for the listeners. The songs intelligently have been kept short so that the chances of getting bored is comparatively less.




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Music: Arijit Datta;  Lyrics: Ravinder Randhawa;  Music Label: UTV / Junglee Music


1. Udaari – Singers: Swaroop Khan, Ishq Bector

It has Banjo that dominates all other instruments used. Swaroop Khan who was one of the best performers in fifth season of Indian Idol, sounds very much like Sukhwinder Singh. Ishq Bector has got a decent rapping part. Arijit has managed the arrangements quite intelligently and hence saved this song from being boring. Ravinder Randhawa has written the lyrics by being in his own world and not willing to explain what he actually wants to say. A song that will look good in the film.


2. Uljhi Uljhi – Singer: Arijit Datta

This song in which the composer goes behind the mic, has a very short duration which has worked very much in its favor as it has saved the song from being dull and uninteresting. The tune is nice but too much of plainness has affected the track in a negative way. The arrangements are Guitar-led and the vocals of Arijit Datta perfectly suits those arrangements. Lyrics seem to be beautiful but it is actually very ordinary. Keeping it of a short duration is an intelligent decision.


3. Bhugol – Singer: Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan

The element for which Shafqat is always made to sing is not present in this song. But Shafqat’s voice sounds damn good in a completely different form. The composer hasn’t gone unplugged here and used percussion quite well in the line of bhugol. It’s a very unique track which has a very amazing sound that has been brought by the brilliant chorus used. Lyrics have been written equally wonderfully, using words that are not generally used even in the songs. A perfectly mixed and mastered track.


4. Bol – Singers: Arijit Datta, Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan

Arijit has given this song a slight blend of Rock and Folk which together sounds awesome. Shafqat has many typical portions in this song where he manages quite well. The line Mazbande faqur ae thag jaa is undoubtedly the best. It has a magical touch which has the ability to attract the listeners and actually provides a lively atmosphere to the song. The lines crooned by Arijit Datta are comparatively chilling but has a lack of structure. Heart-warming yet cool. #WelcomeSong


5. Bebaak – Singer: Nikhil Dsouza

It’s a melodious inspirational song that Nikhil Dsouza has crooned amazingly well. The tune is catchy and soothing with middling arrangements of Guitar placed perfectly. Trumpet is beautifully interluded which appeases instantly. Apart from all these things, lyrics by Ravinder stands out on its own. It has been written soulfully, using simple words with great maturity. This song has its own identity apart from the film which it belongs.


Filmistaan: It’s a five-song album which aims to be true to the script and does not concentrate on to be massy. Three out of five songs stand out excellently which are Bebaak, Bhugol and Bol. The rest of the two songs Uljhi Uljhi and Udaari are unique too in their own way. Arijit Datta promises to provide good future to Bollywood music.


The Final Verdict:  OKAY



Listeners Ki Sameekshaa  (Public Review)

  • Bebaak is really superb! Liked Uljhi Uljhi too.
  •  The best soundtrack I have heard this year.
  • Songs are really unique in their own way.


Next:  Fugly


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