HR missed the chance!! (Humshakals – Music Review)

The Xpose in which Himesh Reshammiya acted and gave music, satisfied us with its music inspite of few annoying elements. Since his first film this year performed well, expectations increased. Many were waiting for the collaboration of Sajid Khan and Himesh Reshammiya. People started waiting more when Sajid Khan said in an interview that “Himesh Reshammiya is the fourth hero of the film as he has provided awesome music.” Now, the thing is to check to what extent was Sajid Khan right.Humshakals_poster



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Music: Himesh Reshammiya;  Music Label: Sony Music / Zee Music Company


1. Caller Tune – Singers: Neeraj Shridhar, Neeti Mohan;  Lyrics: Sameer

This was the first song that released and withing days it climbed the charts. There’s Himesh’s sound and Sajid Khan’s style and both are blended for good. Neeraj Shridhar has a must song for Sajid Khan’s films. He performed amazingly just like he did in his previous films. The tune is damn catchy and it is loved for the variation that happens in tu mera hai nasha, tu mera hai junoon. Even if the song is getting hit, its lyrics are simply nonsense. Himesh Reshammiya always misuses Neeti Mohan’s vocals like he did for The Xpose. All the entertainment is right here!


2. Piya Ke Bazaar – Singers: Himesh Reshammiya, Shalmali Kholgade, Palak Muchhal;  Lyrics: Shabbir Ahmed

                 This song defines the mujra feel quite well as Himesh has composed a justifying tune. Although the basic tune is melodious and catchy, the yelping tune in the starting is awful. The combination of Palak and Shalmali sounds really good. The portion given to Shalmali is the limelight of the song. The arrangements are authentic and Himesh’s singing is also likable. The culprit is just Shabbir Ahmed. It’s not very surprising because you can’t expect any better lyrics from him. Satisfactory, considering the level of Himesh and Shabbir Ahmed.


3. Just Look Into My Eyes – Singers: Ash King, Neeti Mohan;  Lyrics: Sameer

Himesh Reshammiya’s club songs have always been very different from that of other composers. To make it easier, Jhalak Dikhlaja was also a club song. The starting techno tune is damn catchy. Ash King is a perfect choice for this track as it has many English phrases in between which sound perfect in his voice. I guess, Himesh has some enmity in his mind for Neeti Mohan. Again, she has been given a very neglected portion of the song. It has few different arrangement styles but the composition is too average to praise. Not so great but atleast different from regular club songs.


4. Barbaad Raat – Singers: Sanam Puri, Shalmali Kholgade;  Lyrics: Mayur Puri

This is a song which could have been really awesome. Sanam Puri and Shalmali together have rocked it. Mukhda is truly lovable but only till hona jaaye barbaad teri meri raat. After that, Himesh has completely spoiled the song by making that weird sound as if someone is brushing his teeth. The use of the word “baby” is too much which is sounding odd. Otherwise, the lyrics are pretty good. The beats are foot tapping and very different from the style of Himesh. A song which could have been damn addictive.


5. Hum Pagal Nahin Hai – Singer: Himesh Reshammiya;  Lyrics: Mayur Puri

Himesh Reshammiya rocked this by his singing but fails to compose an attractive tune. A beautiful catchy tune could have been composed on this amazing lyrics of Mayur Puri. The rhythm is well made but arrangements could have been more improvised. Basically, it’s a typical Sajid Khan song made full of nonsense humor. I guess, this pagal nahin hai phrase would be suggested by Sajid Khan only. The stuttering by Himesh in the end sounds nice. If you love Sajid Khan’s nonsense, it’s a treat for you!


6. Khol De Dil Ki Khidki – Singers: Mika Singh, Palak Muchhal;  Lyrics: Shabbir Ahmed

The song starts with Banjo after which follows Jaws Harp for the comical gesture. In terms of Sajid Khan’s films, Himesh Reshammiya fails as the songs of the similar situation created by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy and Sajid-Wajid were far better. Also, I wonder how much the directors influence in the sound of music. The sound which comes after khol de dil ka door is so similar to the sound used in Papa Toh Band Bajayein. Shabbir Ahmed’s lyrics are just too annoying to say anything. It is good that HR didn’t take Shreya and satisfied himself with Palak only. No need to give time for it.


Humshakals: It’s not good when you hear that Caller Tune turns out to be the best track of the album. It’s a soundtrack that had all the traits of being awesome but sadly, Himesh Reshammiya didn’t utilize this brilliant opportunity. 


The Final Verdict:  NOT A PROBLEM



Next:  Chal Bhaag


3 thoughts on “HR missed the chance!! (Humshakals – Music Review)

  1. Well I actually dont agree with the reviewer.
    Given the genre of the film, one cant really expect wonders from the soundtrack of such brainless entertainers.
    Songs are outrightly catchy, peppy and hummable
    The music by Himesh entertains to the core….
    All tracks (most of them) get you addicted to them, right on the first hear…
    I loved the soundtrack !!
    I wish Himesh experiments more in terms of musical instruments, richness in music, focuses more on classy stuff, rather than massy…
    My Rating – 3.5


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