Melody: There’s one in Every Song!! (Ek Villain – Music Review)

While I keep regretting even today for giving Aashiqui 2 just an “Okay”, Mohit Suri’s another love story comes where according to him, there’s a Villain in every story. Being more excited about music than the film, I can say that there’s melody in his every song of every film. Mithoon has been working with him for three films now. He seems to have a great bonding with the composer. Besides Mithoon, Mohit Suri is repeating Ankit Tiwari again after Aashiqui 2 and replacing Jeet Ganguly with a band called Soch. This time Mithoon being the senior most, gets the most number of songs i.e three. The band Soch debuts with one and Ankit Tiwari with one song having two versions.Ek_Villain



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Music Label:  T Series


1. Galliyan / Galliyan (Unplugged) – Singer: Ankit Tiwari / Shraddha Kapoor, Ankit Tiwari;  Music: Ankit Tiwari;  Lyrics: Manoj Muntashir

Ankit Tiwari begins slowly just like apne karam ki kar adaayein after which Electric Guitars follow that works very much in the favor of the song. The beats are really applauding. They are not even constant but slightly varies wherever the tune gets changed. The bridge between antara and mukhda could have been better but still keeps the connectivity with the listeners. Lyrics are crispy and particular to the composition. Flute gives resemblance to the female version of Sun Raha Hai. Shraddha joins the unplugged version by singing for the very first time. Being an unplugged, it is away from all the luster that the original has. The tune of the Flute which has been done by vocals sound splendid. In a way, it is duller and less rhythmic. Although Ankit has captured this song beautifully, Shreya has somewhat been missing. All the elements to be a hit romantic track!


2. Banjaara – Singer: Mohd. Irfan;  Music: Mithoon;  Lyrics: Mithoon

Mithoon has been composing brilliant melodies which are strong enough to affect you in any way. The starting four lines by Mohd. Irfan has a deep melancholic sound that has ability to make an emotional person cry the moment he starts singing. The mukhda is damn soothing and it motivates you to listen it on a repeat mode. If someone has a perfectly smooth voice as that of Sonu Nigam, it is only Mohammad Irfan currently. He has a crystal-clear voice that takes the song a level higher. Mithoon has blended Sufi styled Harmonium without Tabla which gives a different gesture to the song. But the lyrics overpower the rest of the elements. Mithoon is strictly growing as a lyricist at a very rapid speed. His last song from Samrat & Co. had his best work as a lyricist and now this song defeats the former. Its each and every single line is applauding. Musically confident, lyrically mature. #WelcomeSong


3. Zaroorat – Singer: Mustafa Zahid;  Music: Mithoon;  Lyrics: Mithoon

This song too has a Mithoon-ish melody but that has somehow got hidden somewhere behind the Vishesh Films’ sound. Although there’s no connection of it with Vishesh Films, yet it sounds like that only. To make it sound like that, Mustafa Zahid has a big role in this as his voice is suited typically for the Bhatt’s sound. Instruments have also been played in the similar way in the form of Guitar. Lyrics too have been penned in that particular style by Mithoon without resisting to his own writing style. A typical Vishesh Films’ sound blended with Mithoon’s melody.


4. Awari – Singers: Adnan Dhool, Momina Mustehsan;  Music: Rabbi Ahmed, Adnan Dhool;  Lyrics: Rabbi Ahmed, Adnan Dhool

This is a very very different song from what Mohit Suri’s films have been witnessing. Adnan Dhool and Rabbi Ahmed are a part of the band Soch and it is their first song in Bollywood. It is very impressive to see that they seem to have brought a new sound which is unique in its own way. There’s a hissing sound in the mukhda that indicates something experimental and fresh. Antara is very well carried by both the singers and the melody is quite calm and composed. The only element which didn’t sound impressive is the techno sound just after the mukhda finishes off. A very interesting debut for Rabbi Ahmed and Adnan Dhool.


5. Humdard – Singer: Arijit Singh;  Music: Mithoon;  Lyrics: Mithoon

The melody is not very strong and addictive. It is likable though. Mithoon has kept everything very simple this time. It has been laid on typical romantic song arrangements. It’s needless to say how well Arijit has sung this song as he sings every song with equal charm. The tune is catchy but not anywhere near to the songs which Mithoon has been composing these days. Lyrics are again impressive and deserve to be the best element in the song. A decent romantic track with nothing special.


Ek Villain: Galliyan is a sure short chartbuster having all the elements to be likable, Humdard is also a pleasing composition but has very ordinary arrangements as well as tune. Zaroorat is a typical Bhatt style composition with a tinge of Mithoon’s sound. We are left with Awari which comes with a strong promising debut of Soch band members Rabbi Ahmed and Adnan Dhool and Banjara which again defines Mithoon’s genius of composing and writing lyrics. Ankit Tiwari creates another sensation, Mithoon comes up with another gem and the band Soch brings their own sound in their debut. Ek Villain is another lovable album of Mohit Suri. 


The Final Verdict:  POSSIBLE



Musical Sameekshaa Monthly Awards  (June, 2014)


Singer of the Month (Female):  Momina Mustehsan – Awari  (Ek Villain)

Singer of the Month (Male):  Mohd. Irfan – Banjara (Ek Villain)

Singer Jodi of the Month:  Adnan Dhool & Momina Mustehsan – Awari (Ek Villain)

Composer of the Month (Song):  Pritam – Ashq Na Ho (Holiday)

Lyricist of the Month:  Mithoon – Banjara (Ek Villain)

Composer of the Month (Album):  Arijit Datta – Filmistaan

Song of the Month: Banjara – Ek Villain (Mithoon)

Album of the Month:  Ek Villain (T Series)


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