Shantanu Moitra strikes and loses the same chord!! (Bobby Jasoos – Music Review)

Vidya Balan, roaring the success, suddenly got blockage and two flops back to back came in her bucket. After being the housewife in both the flops, she has again now turned to a women-centric film in which she is playing the role of a detective. Shantanu Moitra has also been facing lots of flops for many years. And, I doubt this album would anyway help him.Bobby_Jasoos_Poster



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Music: Shantanu Moitra;  Lyrics: Swanand Kirkire;  Music Label: T Series


1. Jashn – Singer: Shreya Ghoshal, Bonnie Chakraborty

When a song with a good rhythm, nice instrumentation, pleasant tune, decent lyrics and the voice of Shreya Ghoshal doesn’t appeal you, it definitely means that there is something wrong with it. The wrongness is in the composition. This song is not made in a way which people today expect a song to be. It has an early 2000’s sound attached to it. Inspite of having everything good, it is not a kind of song which can attract people either in a massy way or in a classy way. Some hidden problem in the composition. Lack of appeal.


2. Tu / Tu (Reprise) – Singers: Papon, Shreya Ghoshal

     Shantanu strikes wonderfully with this 7-minute long track. It’s a semi-classical composition in which he has used almost everything that the song needed. It starts with Guitar which doesn’t at all promise for a classical song but as the Tabla starts, we get to hear a surprising semi-classical melody which is at its best. Although the melody belongs to Hindustani Classical music, the composer has arranged the brass department in a Carnatic way along with the beautifully played Veena which we don’t get to hear often nowadays. He has quite intelligently exchanged the roles of Papon and Shreya on both the versions. In the original one, Papon has got to sing the classical part and Shreya supports him while in the Reprise, vice-versa happens. All the arrangements are exactly same in both the versions. Papon seems to be another Hariharan. His voice has a certain gimmick which makes us appealed for his singing. Lyrics by Swanand Kirkire are magnificent. Truly Beautiful! #WelcomeSong


3. B.O.B.B. – Singers: Neeraj Shridhar, Deepti Rege, Mayuri Patwardhan, Aparna Ullal, Archana Gore

It’s correct that you get very less space for a good composition to evolve in these type of tracks. Shantanu has well managed it though. With the help of Neeraj Shridhar, he has tried hard to make an interesting song but has failed. The rhythm is apt and so are the lyrics. Somehow, this track is not made for the appeal. Still, it is assumed that Shantanu could have done much better even with this genre. He has done a good use of Trumpets and the chorus. Much he could have done by reducing its duration. Unappealing. Uninteresting. 


4. Sweety – Singers: Monali Thakur, Aishwarya Nigam

It starts with a beautiful Banjo but as the song progresses, it gets worse. The hook line is intolerable and the worst part which is rare for songs. Monali Thakur has been wasted fully. The rhythm is again engaging but a good tune lacks here. This time, the lyrics also fail to help the song. The only good thing in the song is the instrumentation which is the speciality of Shantanu. Rest is a time waste.


Bobby Jasoos: It’s a very small album with just four songs among which the only song that appeals, is Tu. The rest three are totally unappealing and waste of time. Although Shantanu seems to have given efforts in this album, things didn’t go right.  The melodious semi-classical song Tu  keeps Shantanu Moitra very much in the scene and saves this album to some extent.


The Final Vedict:  NOT A PROBLEM



Listeners Ki Sameekshaa  (Public Review)

  • Papon sang that gazalish tune beautifully in Tu. The guy is one of the best singers of recent times but Shantanu did a mistake to add the fast mukhra in the song. It doesn’t suit with the beautiful ghazal part.
  • Big big big big big thumbs down. I have always told about Shantanu that his songs are always undercooked. It’s very very incomplete. That’s why he is not still recognized well nor his songs played more than a week in anyone’s player or radio.
  • Starting of Sweety is like Gunday Title track’s starting. But it doesn’t suit here, it suits well in Gunday song.


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