Too Loud for a Traditional Indian Listener!! (Amit Sahni Ki List – Music Review)

Vir Das who has till now tried every genre was somehow away from the Rom-Com so here’s he with a Rom-Com where he makes a list of qualities that he wants in his ideal girl. Being a Rom-Com, one expects its music to be rich and melodious. So, what wrong happened? The multi-composer problem? Three songs are by Palash Muchhal, two are by Raghu Dixit and one each by Warren Mendosa, Shivi R. Kashyap and one instrumental track by Karthick Iyer.poster2 units without carpet



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Music Label:  Zee Music Company


1. Ab Mein Kya Karoon – Singer: Raghu Dixit;  Music: Raghu Dixit;  Lyrics: Ankur Tiwari

This is a typical Raghu Dixit material but in its worse form. The Electric Guitar has obviously the most important role. The lyrics by Ankur has not much significance because Raghu Dixit has kept the arrangements so loud that you hardly get to hear what the song says. The tune is not at all likable. The percussion when overlays the tune, things get even worse and you decide at that moment that you won’t listen to it again. You better not attempt it.


2. What The Fark – Singers: Rahul Vaidya, Amit Mishra, Aditi Singh Sharma;  Music: Palash Muchhal;  Lyrics: Ajay Bhuyan, Tina Nagpaul

This is a whole techno game which hardly has any creativity. Lyrics are the only attractive element just because of the use of the censored word in a stylish way. Singers have been arranged in such a way that you can’t individualize any particular voice. Palash has concentrated more on the techno work rather than the basic tune and that has made the song quite uninteresting. He also hasn’t made it into a full dance track. Palash seemed lazy here.


3. Pyaar Hai Kutti Cheez – Singer: Vir Das;  Music: Warren Mendosa / Sidd Coutto;  Lyrics: Vir Das

Vir Das has come up behind the mic with a pen. He has sung as well as written the lyrics. And I have no complaint from his singing and his lyrics. Lyrics have been written to make all the singles happy. His singing is also perfect with each note striking the chord well. The problem lies in the composition. The composer has been credited with a “/” which creates a big doubt that actually who the composer is. Whoever is the composer, the arrangements have been too loud and too Rock-ish which sounds odd for the track. Could have been great.


4. Aisi Hi Hoon Main – Singer: Shivi R. Kashyap;  Music: Shivi R. Kashyap;  Lyrics: Shivi R. Kashyap, Shiv Singh Benawra

It feels glad to see a female name as the composer. Here, Shivi R. Kashyap has sung, composed and written the song. Sadly, she hasn’t done any of these work well. The beats are too staid to bring any interest to the listener. The basic tune is also very unappealing. Her voice is also not at all likable and the lyrics which she has written along with Shiv Singh Benawra, do not leave much impact and also contribute towards the dullness of the song. Good to leave.


5. Sargoshi – Singers: Palak Muchhal, Anirudh Bhola;  Music: Palash Muchhal;  Lyrics: Palak Muchhal

After utter loudness, comes a romantic track by Palash, sung and penned by his sister Palak. It’s a very ordinary romantic song with use of Piano and Violin. The basic tune is quite weak and the singers have made it weaker. Anirudh’s voice has a similarity with Javed Ali’s voice. Lyrics by Palak are really good and applauding. Palash’s performance again disappoints because of lack of good tune and poor arrangements. Nothing new.


6. Waakeyi – Singers: Nikhil D’souza, Shruti Pathak;  Music: Raghu Dixit;  Lyrics: Ankur Tiwari

The style of Flute which Raghu Dixit had used in Khamakha (Bewakoofiyaan), can be witnessed here specially in the prelude. The tune is quite melodious and both the singers have sounded soothing. Beats are damn awesome having a unique kind of texture and rhythm. Ankur’s lyrics are decent but not much appealing. The arrangement is amazing i.e exactly what Raghu Dixit is known for. Both the interludes also have beautiful Raghu styled Flute. Good basic tune, amazing arrangements and beautiful beats. #WelcomeSong


7. Parchhai – Singer: Sonu Nigam;  Music: Palash Muchhal;  Lyrics: Palak Muchhal

This is a kind of a reprise version of Sargoshi. It is actually way ahead from its original as it has got Sonu Nigam’s vocals that has made an extraordinary difference in both the versions. This song sounds great in slower version and in a sadder form. Palash has played amazing Violin here which he didn’t with the same soulfulness in its original version. Lyrics are also sounding better in this version. This version easily rocks compared to the original one.


8. Violin Recital – Instrumental;  Music: Karthick Iyer

The Violin played by Karthick Iyer is so damn beautiful that it sounds like some genius is playing. The way it has been played is damn unique and impressive. At some instances, you feel that you have never heard a Violin being played like this. Although it’s a Violin Recital, it has Sitar and Tabla also and they have supported very well. They made this instrumental piece more soothing and melodious. Don’t miss this beauty. 


Amit Sahni Ki List – The drawback of this soundtrack is its length, too many loud sounds and poor arrangements in almost all the songs. 


The Final Verdict:  NOT A PROBLEM



Next:  Kick


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