Sachin-Jigar blasts in their very typical way!! (Entertainment – Music Review)

A very disappointing start of 2014 by Sachin-Jigar with Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania gets overcome very soon with Enertainment. A story about a dog being the only scion of Akshay’s father’s property and how he comically fights for his right. Sajid-Farhad being a renowned writer duo of Bollywood has finally stepped out for direction. Just like they have been entertaining the public with their writing till now, it’s time to get some entertainment from their direction also.Its_Entertainment



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Music: Sachin-Jigar;  Music Label: Tips Music


1. Veerey Di Wedding – Singer: Mika Singh;  Lyrics: Mayur Puri

Starting with a wonderful rhythm, this song gives you the required fun that you need specially in a marriage ceremony. Punjabis would be very happy with this song. On the first listen it sounds very average and doesn’t appeal you to listen more and the reason behind this is Mika. These days he has been signing some ridiculous songs and hence his voice in this song gives the impression of another average song. To make it sound like an innovative track, you have to concentrate on Sachin-Jigar and Mayur Puri. Some excellent dealing with techno sounds that Sachin-Jigar always do and some witty lyrics by Mayur Puri makes this song a fun number. Lyrics can be heard with much difficulty as Mika alway eats away half of the charm in a good lyrics. Some beautiful elements by Sachin-Jigar include “DJ nu bajwa do… bajwa do bajwado wa do..” Would be even better if Sonu Nigam had sung this song. Brilliant work by Sachin-Jigar!


2. Tera Naam Doon – Singers: Atif Aslam, Shalmali Kholgade;  Lyrics: Priya Panchal

Priya had improved herself as a lyricist from Man Basiyo Saawariyo of ABCD – Any Body Can Dance. Now she has a strong hold on what she has to say. This time she has brought a beautiful concept which is though not very new but still has a freshness in it. The concept of blaming your beloved with love here implies Main keh doon sabhi ko ki tera hi hai asar, puche jo koi toh tera naam doon. Sachin-Jigar in their very typical mood, has arranged an engaging rhythm along with Atif and Shalmali making a decent jodi. Atif, inspite of being a little auto tuned, sounds really awesome. A flute-like sound has a damn good melody that helps the listeners to explore the beauty of this song. Good conceptual lyrics and a crooning tune. 


3. Johnny Johnny – Singers: Priya Panchal, Madhav Krishna, Jigar Saraiya;  Lyrics: Mayur Puri

Thanks to Mayur Puri for introducing a refreshing modern Johny Johny with an extra ‘n’. Whatever Sajid-Farhad had briefed them, I am sure they have made something better. It’s an innovative composition which again is highly relied on techno sounds. The computerized child-like sound which answers haan ji! na ji!, has been designed in a very humorous way. The highlight, the attraction, the pleasure lies in Priya’s singing style No no no maine pee nahi hai. Haan ji mainu pila di gayi hai! The way she has sung this line has actually made this song a worth listen. The tune is damn addictive and the fun in the lyrics is amazing. Sachin-Jigar have laid too much of auto tuning in the line sunta nahi baap ki, aadataein kharab ki. No doubt they are excellent in using techno sounds but they should avoid such heavy use of auto tuning. Fun, catchy and innovative song by Sachin-Jigar and Hat’s off to Mayur Puri. #WelcomeSong


4. Teri Mahima Aprampaar – Singers: Anushka Manchanda, Udit Narayan;  Lyrics: Ashish Pandit

After three awesome tracks, comes a track which unfortunately lowers the level of the album. Having a veteran like Udit Narayan deserves only a one time listen partially because of a week tune and partially because of uninteresting lyrics. The English lyrics sung by Udit Narayan sounds too dramatic and very absurd. Not even any special techno beats this time and hence it becomes the weakest track of the album. After listening to this song, you might wonder what the hell happened to Sachin-Jigar after three innovative compositions. Disappointing!


5. Nahin Woh Saamne – Singer: Atif Aslam;  Lyrics: Priya Panchal

It’s a kind of a Reprise version of Tera Naam Doon. In the original track, there are beats along with many instruments that have helped hiding Atif’s faulty singing. Now here it’s not hidden. He is clearly tuneless at the “main kaise” point. Generally you don’t expect to hear a tuneless singing as the songs recording has been done with so much of clarity. So even the machines couldn’t hide the fact that he can’t sing. Nevertheless, Priya’s lyrics again spread a nice impact. The whole song has been done on acoustics and the duration is too short to judge much. Tuneless singing by Atif and perfect lyrics by Priya.


Entertainment – Sachin-Jigar, Mayur Puri and Priya have clearly justified the title Entertainment. Barring Teri Mahima Aprampaar, all the three songs provide a complete full-fledged entertainment. Sachin-Jigar have rocked with their regulars Mayur Puri and Priya Panchal.


The Final Verdict:  OKAY



Next:  Mad About Dance



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