It’s MAD, positively as well as negatively!! (Mad About Dance – Music Review)

Being known for months that the sequel of ABCD is coming and releasing another film on dance, doesn’t seem to be a good idea. Although the concept is totally different, the trailer of the movie didn’t excite much. This movie is about the racial discrimination with Indians on the basis of dance. There are only four songs in total and all the four have been composed by different composers. Vidhyadhar Bhave, Sangeet-Siddharth, Saahil Prem and Dr. Zeus all four have one each.Mad_About_Dance_Official_Poster   CLICK HERE to buy Full Soundtrack of Mad About Dance from iTUNES!!   CLICK to Listen Full Songs   Music Label:  T Series   1. Ishq Da Bukhar – Singers: Krishna Beura, Amrit Maghera;  Music: Vidyadhar Bhave;  Lyrics: Vidyadhar Bhave By name, it seems to be a disco number but actually it’s purely a romantic song made for a good contemporary dance performance. It starts with Piano and Krishna Beura has held the song quite responsibly. His voice has actually worked much in the favor of the song. A small role by Amrit Maghera also impresses. Lyrics aren’t much important and hence the whole song is likable only because of gracious beats which have given Piano enough space for the creativity. Beautifully recorded and mixed. #WelcomeSong   2. Party Is Going Mad – Singers: Sangeet-Siddharth, Divya Kumar, Vidyadhar Bhave;  Music: Sangeet-Siddharth;  Lyrics: Sangeet-Siddharth      Even when Sangeet-Siddharth have used the grooving beats, the song turns out to be just another club party number. The lyrics are so averagely written and the frequency of beats is so high that it’s tough to notice any words except the title of the track. The song surprisingly is suiting Divya Kumar and he does a lot of justice with the song. In the end, there’s a heavy Dubstep sound which doesn’t excite and remains to be just an attempt to produce Dubstep. You are quite familiar with this.   3. Kahan Hai Khuda / Kahan Hai Khuda (Dubstep) – Singer: Subhash Pradhan / Vidyadhar Bhave;  Music: Saahil Prem;  Lyrics: Manoj Yadav Saahil Prem, the lead actor in the movie has composed this romantic track and its Dubstep version. The original version has decent Guitars being the lead as well as the support for the composition. The highlight of the song is Subhash Pradhan. His voice yields attraction in the otherwise not much interesting composition. Manoj Yadav’s lyrics are good though nothing compared to his previous work. For the Dubstep version, Vidyadhar Bhave has managed to make it sound completely different from the former through his deep voice. Dubstep is again disappointing. A decent romantic track which could have been better.   4. Punjabi Mundeya – Singers: Ravindra Upadhyay, Lil’ Shorty;  Music: Dr. Zeus;  Lyrics: Vijay Singh Shekhawat      The starting lines of the song hasn’t been sung and definitely not being rapped. Whatever it is, Lil’ Shorty sounds like a giant wrestler. As Ravindra Upadhyay enters, he gives you a perfect feel as if you are listening to Sukhwinder Singh. His voice texture is exactly the same. In the rhythm section, Dr. Zeus has managed well but he could have improvised the tune more. It goes on to be staid after a certain time. Lyrics are good and has atleast some meaning in it. Even if you are a Punjabi Mundeya, you won’t be able to enjoy it.   Mad About Dance – Considering the film based on dance, the album should have had more number of songs. Having just four tracks in a dance based movie is totally unsatisfactory. Leaving quantity, it also lacks quality. Ishq Da Bukhar is the only track that can be said to be innovative in some respect. The rest three are just mixtures of many songs that have been heard in the past. The composers and makers had the opportunity but didn’t utilize. 

The Final Verdict:  NOT A PROBLEM

The Verdict Order:  DISAGREE < NOT A PROBLEM < OKAY < POSSIBLE < AGREE   Next:  Life Is Beautiful


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