Honey Singh ki Satakli (Singham Returns – Music Review)

Ajay Devgan in and as Singham came like a storm at the box office. Directed by Rohit Shetty, this film collected huge applaud and collections from the audience. Even the elite viewers got entertainment. And now, Singham has returned. Although the trailer looked almost the same as that of its prequel, the action again looks very promising and full of masala. Music seems to be the only problem here. Ajay-Atul who provided soothing music to Singham, are replaced by four composers Jeet Ganguly, Ankit Tiwari, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Meet Bros Anjjan, each having one song. Singham_Returns_Poster



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Music Label: T Series


1. Sun Le Zara – Singer: Arijit Singh;  Music: Jeet Gangulli;  Lyrics: Sandeep Nath

Jeet Gangulli is back with his old habit of remaking his own Bengali compositions in Bollywood. This time it’s Mon Maajhi Re. It’s a decent melody but very similar to Jeet’s own previous song Kaafir Andhere from Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi. The similarity gets zoomed in the antara. Arijit has led away the song very well. He has comfortably sung the higher notes and beautifully woven them with lower ones. Jeet has used some fine Guitars to give a complete Rock feel. Sandeep Nath, if translated the lyrics, has done that really well. Typical Jeet Gangully song.


2. Singham Returns Theme – Singers: Meet Bros Anjjan, Mika Singh;  Music: Meet Bros Anjjan;  Lyrics: Shabbir Ahmed

The original title track by Ajay-Atul has been reinvented by Meet Bros Anjjan where they have kept the mukhda firm and completely changed the antara and all the arrangements. They have glamorized it more but kept it lighter this time. The children chorus and the horns that they have used, have a light mood and signifies that the character “Singham” is not only designed for fights but also has a softer side. They have crafted it really well and whatever was being missed by Ajay-Atul, the composers have fulfilled it all. Applauding effort!


3. Kuchh Toh Hua Hai – Singers: Ankit Tiwari, Tulsi Kumar;  Music: Ankit Tiwari;  Lyrics: Sandeep Nath, Abhendra Kumar Upadhyay

It’s a love ballad that is written by two lyricists. I don’t know what is so special in the lyrics that made two lyricists write it. Tulsi Kumar used to appear in T Series films but now it seems that she has also started appearing in albums that have music of T Series. She surprisingly sounds good in this track. It would be better if Palak Muchhal had sung this track  yet you can easily tolerate Tulsi here. Ankit as a singer is damn awesome. After Sun Raha Hai, it is his best singing. Beautiful Santoor starts the song and Sarangi and Violin can be witnessed in between the song. The antara has a heard-before feel, still has a melodious impact on ears. Lovely melody! #WelcomeSong


4. Aata Majhi Satakli – Singers: Yo Yo Honey Singh, Mamta Sharma, Nitu Choudhary;  Music: Yo Yo Honey Singh;  Lyrics: Yo Yo Honey Singh

Every second T Series album has a Yo Yo track which has now seriously reached the level of awfulness. Introducing a new singer Nitu Choudhary, the song turns to a height of intolerance. The part which she got, “mala raag yetoy” is the most irritating part of the song. The rhythm is exactly similar to Lungi Dance and the starting of the song resembles Party With Bhootnaath. Mamta Sharma sounds decent in the track (which is a very surprising fact). When you mix some old Honey Singh tracks and try to make it sound pathetic, then something like Aata Majhi Satakli will be preparedIt’s vague for Honey Singh track to advise not to hear, as it always reaches the listeners and most of the time it’s unwilling. 


Singham Returns – Three composers. Three songs. And the fourth one is Yo Yo Honey Singh. 


The Final Verdict:  NOT A PROBLEM



Next:  Raja Natwarlal


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