Yuvan Shankar Raja in Emraan Hashmi’s skin!! (Raja Natwarlal – Music Review)

Kunal Deshmukh has been collaborating with Emraan Hashmi for very long. They started with the successful Jannat and moved to Tum Mile, Jannat 2 and now they have come up with Raja Natwarlal. It is  the first time that this collaboration is presented by UTV and not by Vishesh Films. Pritam was also in this team providing successful chart busting yet soulful music in all the three films. This time not due to his busy schedule but because of his decision of taking rest for some months, he denied the offer and suggested Yuvan Shankar Raja’s name who is a well known noted South Indian composer. Raja_Natwarlal


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Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja;  Lyrics: Irshad Kamil;  Music Label: UTV 


1. Dukki Tikki – Singer: Mika Singh

Who can lead a tapori song better than Mika. Yuvan’s very own Tamil sound can be witnessed in this track. It’s a very catchy track having a damn good percussion arrangements (Dhol is notably good). Horns are now a trademark instrument for these kind of songs. However they never sound boring or exhaustive. The song is perfectly suited for Mika though he again ate many words written by Irshad Kamil. A sincere effort! 


2. Tere Hoke Rahengay / Tere Hoke Rahengay (Reprise) – Singer: Arijit Singh / Shweta Pandit

Now if you have heard Yuvan Shankar Raja as a Tamil music composer, you won’t find even a particle of Yuvan in this song. It completely seems to be the Director’s song in which Kunal has made the Pritam-ness alive. It has some nice elements too. Arijit’s version sounds more filmy, and seems having an average sound; a sound which you must have heard in many of the romantic tracks. Contrary to that, Shweta’s version sounds more fresh and novel. The orchestration is really good in both the versions, though slightly better in Shweta’s version. However, the antara sounds better in Arijit’s voice, and mukhda has been justified in the reprise. So, Both the versions have their equal share of faults and both have some nice elements to hear. #WelcomeSong


3. Namak Paare – Singers: Mamta Sharma, Anupam Amod

Again you hardly find any essence of Yuvan in this track. Still, you feel relieved to hear a good item song after such a long time i.e an item song or a Mamta Sharma song which you can enjoy listening to. It’s not made for multiple listen though. Although Anupam Amod has been credited, you hardly hear him in the whole song. The arrangements have been kept in a complete item song mood. The beats have made the song impressive. Commendable attempt!


4. Kabhi Ruhani Kabhi Rumani – Singer: Benny Dayal

Rhythm is the highlight of the song. The traditional rhythm which goes along with Tabla and Mrindangam, gives the song a special feel. Benny isn’t offered much romantic songs these days so it’s good for him to get one. Again, great orchestration, with a supporting Sarangi in the second interlude. Inspite of having not-so-great tune, decent arrangements of the rhythm overpower the week elements in the song. Lyrics are likable and easy on ears. Likable song though nothing special.


5. Flip Your Collar Back – Singer: Benny Dayal

This seriously wasn’t expected from Yuvan Shankar Raja. The techno sounds that he has used, are not at all likable and darkens your mood. The song is made to be enjoyable but sadly Yuvan is not able to satisfy the needs of the track. Benny Dayal also sounds tiresome and even his voice doesn’t appeal to listen more. Passable lyrics by Irshad Kamil. Overuse of techno sounds ruin the tinge of novelty in the song.


Raja Natwarlal – An unfortunate big entry in Bollywood by a superb Tamilian composer Yuvan Shankar Raja


The Final Verdict:   OKAY



Musical Sameekshaa Monthly Awards  (August 2014)


Best Singer (Female):  Priya Panchal – Johnny Johnny (Entertainment)

Best Singer (Male):  Sonu Nigam – Kya Sunaaoon (Life Is Beautiful)

Best Singer Jodi:  Atif Aslam & Shalmali Kholgade – Tera Naam Doon (Entertainment)

Best Composer (Song):  John T. Hunt – Kya Sunaaoon (Life Is Beautiful)

Best Lyrics:  Mayur Puri – Veerey Di Wedding (Entertainment)

Best Composer (Album):  Sachin-Jigar – Entertainment

Best Song:  Johnny Johnny – Entertainment  (Sachin-Jigar, Mayur Puri)

Best Album:  Entertainment (Tips Music)


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