It should be called Romance 3D!! (Creature 3D – Music Review)

Vikram Bhatt comes with another experimental project in which, like always, he experiments with romance. Yes, it’s a first of its kind film in India. It’s a creature movie. But by listening to the soundtrack, there’s no possibility that in any way you can guess that it’s a creature movie. Bhatts are obsessed with romance and the result is here in the music of this film. Music is by Mithoon and the guest composer is Tony Kakkar.Creature_3d



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Music Label: T Series


1. Sawan Aya Hai / Sawan Aaya Hai (Unplugged) – Singer: Arijit Singh / Tony Kakkar;  Music: Tony Kakkar;  Lyrics: Tony Kakkar

Tony Kakkar, though being in limelight for years, has now finally got a big Bollywood song. It seems that he has taken full care of giving his tune to a Bhatt. This song is actually very different from what he has been composing privately. He has his own sound and was expected to bring that song to Bollywood also but here this song is a makeover of Nadeem-Shravan’s sound. That saawan ayaa hai gives you a 90’s picture and although the antara being modernly flat, the 90’s texture gets visible even more. In the unplugged version Tony gets himself on the mic. His voice honestly doesn’t fit to this typical romantic song. Arijit’s version is more filmy having Dholak arrangements throughout whereas the unplugged is high on novelty. Catchy, lovable but very 90’s.


2. Hum Naa Rahein Hum – Singer: Benny Dayal;  Music: Mithoon;  Lyrics: Mithoon

The beats that Mithoon has used are phenomenal as they have maintained the pace of the song. Mithoon has first time used a singer apart from his camp and Benny Dayal’s voice sounds very cool and different in the track. The tune is a typical Bhatt melody but Mithoon’s typicality is nowhere to be heard. That’s a smart approach to make more listeners attract to his compositions. Both the interludes are worked on Flute and a bit of Piano. Smart melody by Mithoon. #WelcomeSong


3. Naam-E-Wafa – Singers: Farhan Saeed, Tulsi Kumar;  Music: Mithoon;  Lyrics: Mithoon

Mithoon returns to his typicality with this track when he plays the Mithoon-ish chords to begin the song. Like almost every Mithoon song, it’s again a great melancholy. Farhan’s vocals seems to be from Mithoon’s camp only. The dark voice filled with lots of pain and beautiful Guitaring completes it all. You would actually find Tulsi Kumar sounding good in the song if you consider her a machine singing. The same line which she repeats just two times is that much role she got. Praise never stops for Mithoon to composition, he has again written really nice lyrics. It’s a beautiful melody and no matter how much you call it repetitive and similar stuff, it is soothing to ears which is the most important thing.


4. Ik Pal Yahi – Singer: Saim Bhatt;  Music: Mithoon;  Lyrics: Mithoon

Mithoon goes loud with this song and that has ruined the sooth for which he is known. Saim Bhatt who has previously worked with Mithoon in Muder 2, seems to imitate Mustafa Zahid. Adapting the similar style in his singing, he doesn’t impress at all. The line Ik pal yahi tera mera is too loud to attempt multiple times and also gets boring after certain limit. The hard Rock background is brilliantly used but sadly the composition is very much intense and can be heard in some particular mood only. Not withstanding by time.


5. Mehboob Ki – Singer: Mithoon;  Music: Mithoon;  Lyrics: Mithoon

After so many years you must have heard this voice. Since the song is foot tapping, it must have resembled you Woh Ajnabee from The Train. There’s no heart warming melody. There’s no philosophical lyrics. There’s no melancholic sound attached to it. Well, that’s real Mithoon for you all. Something different something fresh. His vocals itself make the song sound refreshing. Not a very good effort, yet Mithoon seems to be back to his original sound.


Creature 3D – As expected from Vikram Bhatt, the whole soundtrack of a Creature movie is intensely romantic. Tony Kakkar gets a big ticket but Mithoon seems to be a little boring.  


The Final Verdict:  OKAY



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2 thoughts on “It should be called Romance 3D!! (Creature 3D – Music Review)

  1. Superb Review Fr An Superb Album.. N Ik Pal Yahi song, im damn sure the review fr tat sng has been writtn aftr hearng fr the vry 1st tym.. Ik pal yahi song pribably the winner of the album, must hear 3 to 4 n ofcrse im sure the review wil b a positv 1.. one of the bst sng of dis yr.. other songs also too gud n reviewd well.. Grt wrk! 🙂


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