It’s…………….Different!! (Finding Fanny – Music Review)

Homi Adajania, after directing a traditional rom-com Cocktail written by Imtiaz Ali, has returned back to his original zone where he is usual of making weird cinema which does not at all target traditional Indian masses, but some of the very selected elite class. Being Cyrus, though being a flop, left a tag of being “different” and by watching the trailer of Finding Fanny, one can say that it is definitely gonna be “different”. The music is by Mathias Duplessy, a Spanish composer and multi-instrumentalist who has also worked on the soundtrack of Peepli Live. Guest composers are Sachin-Jigar with one song.Finding_Fanny_Theatrical_release_poster


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Music Label: Sony Music


1. Fanny Re – Singer: Mukhtiyar Ali;  Music: Mathias Duplessy;  Lyrics: Mukhtiyar Ali

Sung and written equally beautifully by a Rajasthani singer Mukhtiyar Ali. He was involved in the non film devotional album “The Kabir Project”. Debuting excellently in Bollywood with this track, he along with Mathias Duplessy, triumphs in spreading their own magical world using Spanish Guitar and Violin charmingly. The interlude has an awesome Accordion playing which is damn impressive. The song seems to have a resemblance of old Raj Kapoor songs and some really cool Spanish elements by which the song sounds different and unique. Lovely instrumentation and tune which gives you an old-world charm! #WelcomeSong


2. Mahi Ve – Singer: Mukhtiyar Ali;  Music: Mathias Duplessy;  Lyrics: Mukhtiyar Ali

Heard the above title track? Now replace the word “Fanny Re” with “Mahi Ve” and you get this track. Bollywood is somehow obsessed with the word Mahi and tries to include the word wherever possible even if it takes to create another whole version for this word. Exactly similar to Fanny Re and hence, Pleasing!


3. Ding Dong – Singer: Mathias Duplessy;  Music: Mathias Duplessy;  Lyrics: Alan Mercer

This song is in English crooned by the composer himself. It’s a French oriented music which is quite endearing. The vocals of Mathias are damn classy and his guttural voice gives the European feel to the song. The sound of Guitar is playfully overlaid with Banjo and the rhythm gets a foot tapping gesture. Alan Mercer has been a sound supervisor in an English show; his lyrics are decent to hear. Tough to attract mass, otherwise a decent effort!


4. Shake Your Bootiya – Singer: Divya Kumar;  Music: Sachin-Jigar;  Lyrics: Mayur Puri, Dinoo

After Spanish and bits of European flavor, comes our very own Sachin-Jigar with Divya Kumar behind the mic. It’s catchy, attractive and colorful yet very experimental. A fun loving track in which Sachin-Jigar along with Dinoo has been credited for lyrics by the label though actually Mayur Puri has written the song. Who can write such fun lyrics better than him! If I am not wrong, Dinoo must be the producer Dinesh Vijan. The song starts with weird funny sounds of coughing, rocking a chair etc and suddenly turns to be the most mass oriented track of the album. Divya Kumar steals the show!


Finding Fanny – An album that does not allow you to be mainstreamed. Mathias Duplessy moves you, Sachin-Jigar grooves you. Strictly not applicable for the masses. 


The Final Verdict:  OKAY



Next:  Desi Kattey


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