Dull like Night! (3 A.M. – Music Review)

3 A.M.  revolves around three friends, who set out to make a reality show on the existence of ghosts in the world. Their journey begins with the abandoned Rudra Mills, an allegedly haunted place where many paranormal activities have been reported. Though the shoot starts off on an easy note, as darkness begins to fall, the trio realizes that they might have bitten off more than they could chew. What begins is a chill fare with the three friends being hunted by an unknown ghostly entity. Now, by its name and synopsis, you must be knowing that it’s a horror movie but our Bollywood culture says that a horror movie should always have a romantic soundtrack, no matter how dull it becomes. This movie is just trying to follow the old tradition started mainly by Bhatts. 3am_Poster



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Music Label:  Zee Music Company


1. Teri Adaaon Mein – Singer: Mustafa Zahid;  Music: Pranay Rijia;  Lyrics: Pranay Rijia

The otherwise uninteresting song gets managed well by Mustafa Zahid’s addictive vocals. The base of his voice is damn effective and that’s what makes the song sound decent. The other elements be it the beats, the arrangements and the lyrics imply the same old sad stuff which you must have heard in atleast more than 50 other songs. Pranay has also tried to pour in some haunting sound but with the romance being the supreme element, the sounds hardly matter. Can be attempted for Mustafa Zahid. #WelcomeSong


2. Raeth Ki Tarah – Singer: Rajat (RD);  Music: Manan;  Lyrics: Manan

This is good though it does have some traditional Bhatt stuffs. The composer Manan has done decent orchestration. Electric Guitar has also been used with utter care, not breaking the effect of basic melody and still giving a nice Rock feel. Lyrics can be called cliche` but still has some meaningful lines. Rajat sounds really good, having a minute husk in his voice that is really beautifying the song. Decent effort yet unappealing. 


3. Meherbaan – Singer: Rajat (RD);  Music: Manan;  Lyrics: Manan

The line meherbaani teri takes off very well but then the scolding style of singing and composition sounds ridiculous. It doesn’t seem to be a romantic track. Rajat seems to be very angry, scolding his beloved quite hard. Often young composers include these silly elements in order to get attention to their composition and they do it when they do not have a decent melody to churn. The Guitar based song has just one good line. 


4. Sab Bhulake – Singer: Wajhi (Raeth Band);  Music: Pranay Rijia;  Lyrics: Turaz

     These composers have a unique love for Rock music. They make any melody a Rock even whenever not needed. Wajhi from Raeth Band does an impeccable singing but his voice at times doesn’t soothe. Now, when so much of loudness is being done, the importance of lyrics gets less. When the composers are unable to do creative arrangements, they put the loudness factor in the song so that nobody could easily notice how poorly the arrangements have been done. Passable! 


5. Tera Shukriya – Singer: Wajhi (Raeth Band);  Music: Pranay Rijia;  Lyrics: Kumaar

Kumaar comes on board with this song but I hardly find any change in the mood and color of the lyrics. The melody infact gets better now and Wajhi gets less louder this time, making it a soothing attempt. Guitar also has been better in this track. The arrangements are still a problem though. Inspite of getting better, the song fails to appeal in any way. Romantic songs are liked by people more often but this doesn’t seem to have such a fate. 


3 A.M. is a depressing soundtrack being extremely low on novelty.


The Final Verdict:  NOT A PROBLEM



Next:  Khoobsurat


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