No fixation of Musical Wire!! (Spark – Music Review)

It’s an action love story where the two passionate lovers set on a journey, willing to die for each other. Something wrong happens and the Hero gets trapped in some Master Plan. It’s a multi-composer album consisting of four composers Lalit Pandit, Monty Sharma and R.K. Dhiman with one song each and the rest of the two song belong to Nitiz N Sony.



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1. Ishq Da Virus Lagaya Dil Ke Software Mein – Singer: Mika Singh;  Music: Lalit Pandit;  Lyrics: Chi Chi

Mika’s habit of eating words doesn’t indulge much in the disturbance in the lyrics as the lyrics is the work of an awful writing. As the name suggests, the whole song has been written in this way of using components of a computer like Monitor, Hardware etc. No wonder, the name of the lyricist is Chi Chi. Lalit has been constantly proving that he is nothing without his brother Jatin. Percussion work is good though. Another annoying work from Lalit.


2. Meri Jawani Sode Ki Botal – Singer: Mamta Sharma;  Music: Monty Sharma;  Lyrics: Naresh Gupta

Her jawani has been compared to Sode ki botal!! Seriously!?! This is the limit. How the hell a person becomes a lyricist when he doesn’t even know the art of comparing one thing from another. Now, I had never expected such a track from Monty Sharma who has given us this out-of-the-world Black theme track and ofcourse the utterly melodious album Saawariya. No matter how much excuse one gives for external pressure, he can’t be forgiven for composing such a track. Thanks to Vishal-Shekhar, we know an item song can also be very decent and classy. Mamta Sharma just adds cheapness to the already cheap song. Just Avoid! Actually, Boycott!!


3. Pallu Sambhal Gori Sarak Sarak Jayere – Singers: Bappi Lahiri, Usha Uthup, Bob;  Music: Nitiz N Sony;  Lyrics: Sameer

You get completely annoyed when Bob starts with his fake British accent sarrrak sarrrak jayerre. You loose your mind when Bappi Lahiri enters and the way he defines S.O.D.A. Well, you can bang your head on the wall, when he says “S for Sexyyy, O for ooooo, D for Desire, A for aaaahhhh”. What the hell! If you call it a song, you are disrespecting the art of lyrics writing. Usha Uthup has an avoidable role. Sameer has gone mad. That’s all!


4. Kuchh Lab Pe Hai Kuch Dil Mein Hai – Singers: Sonu Nigam, Shreya Ghoshal;  Music: Nitiz N Sony;  Lyrics: Sameer

The title that you can read has a beautiful line belonging to Shreya. The rest of the song is very ordinary. Sonu and Shreya sound very typical though decent. Nitiz relaxes his listeners in this track as listening to the previous track, his listeners would get bewared of him. Sameer thankfully, gets a little decent as it’s a romantic track and he can’t include his unhealthy writing to it. Basically, a very typical romantic song. Nothing to boast about. Undoubtedly the best of the album. 


5. Khawabo Mein Dekhi Thi Jo Angdayeenyan – Singers: Mohd. Irfan, Yashita Sharma;  Music: R.K. Dhiman;  Lyrics: Malvinder Jeet, K P Singh

Don’t complain if by the title of the song and by reading Mohd. Irfan’s name, you didn’t get what you wanted. Yes, it would happen with all of us. R.K. Dhiman has composed a song which is completely different to what Mohd. Irfan usually croons. The song is based on the Rock background (you better call call it “Irritating Rock”). Lyrics haven’t got importance and the tune is so boring that you can easily get a good sleep while hearing it. A very uninteresting track!


The album unfortunately has no Spark.


The Final Verdict:  DISAGREE



Next: Mumbai 125 KM


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