Dull Horror!! (Mumbai 125 KM – Music Review)

The film is shot in stereoscopic 3D cameras and is released in 2D and 3D formats. Directed by Hemant Madhukar, the one who had directed another horror flick A Flat. Mani Sharma, a Telugu composer, is debuting in Bollywood and his efforts to impress his Hindi audience is clearly audible.



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Music: Mani Sharma;  Music Label: Zee Music Company


1. Ringa Ringa Roses – Singer: Harshit Tomar, Shalmali Kholgade;  Lyrics: Harshit Tomar

Inspired by Johnny Johnny, this time the famous kids poem Ringa Ringa Roses has been captured. Barring the catchy hook line, there’s nothing in the track which attracts, not even Shalmali. Lyrics are simply avoidable, not even understandable at some parts. Simple techno-ish arrangements with a tad boring tune and extremely dull rap. Shalmali doesn’t seem fresh and Harshit should be ignored. Dubstep in the end worsen the track. Another kiddish take on techno sound.


2. Tere Bina – Singer: Zubeen Garg;  Lyrics: Kumaar

The uncredited vocals with which the song starts, sounds like a part of some Akon track. Again the song is obsessed with techno sounds. Zubeen actually holds the song quite well. He has actually made the song listenable. Kumaar’s lyrics do not provide much attention though he has written well. Arrangement does not lead to anything good, rather it makes the song stereotypical. However, the song as overall, is a decent attempt. 


3. Saazish – Singer: Monali Thakur;  Lyrics: Kumaar

The humming and the echo of Monali’s vocals is a treat to hear. The song belonging to horror genre, justifies it completely. The sound that Mani has used, is quite applauding. Besides, the sound, he doesn’t fail in the basic tune either as the tune is quite soulful, especially in the antara when Monali touches the higher notes. Violin has nicely been laid on minimal percussion that gives haunting effect. Kumaar writes effectively. True to the genre. #WelcomeSong


4. Gum Gum – Singer: Bol Bhargavi;  Lyrics: Kumaar

Bol Bhargavi, the newcomer slightly resembles Anushka Manchanda with reference to her vocals. Lyrics are nothing, just a stupid writing. The tune sounds staid and doesn’t offer much effort to listen. The song seems to be made with not much effort by the composer and the lyricist as well. It seems that they have tried to make it foot-tapping but they fail miserably. Besides, decent beats, the song has nothing much. A passable one!


5. Nanhi Si – Singer: Chitra;  Lyrics: Kumaar

With Xylophone sound, it begins, that’s a tiresome way of telling the listeners that it’s a horror genre song. The treat in this track is to hear Chitra after a long time. She is as melodious as she has always been. Nice writing by Kumaar, raises the level of the song. It’s not a full-fledged track as it just has a one-line mukhda which Chitra repeats two times. Those two minutes, will be there with you quite for a time. A good effort which should have been longer. 


Mumbai 125 KM is that similar tiresome soundtrack which tries hard to prove that it’s of Horror genre but lands into complete dullness. 


The Final Verdict:  NOT A PROBLEM



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