As confusing as the title!! (Mumbai Delhi Mumbai – Music Review)

This film has been adapted from a hit Marathi film Mumbai Pune Mumbai. Generally Marathi films adapts from Hindi film but the director Satish Rajwade here gets into doing something rare. Three songs are by Sawan Dutta and one by Rohan Rohan.



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Music Label:  T Series


1. Entry To Delhi – Singer: Amandeep Singh Jolly;  Music: Sawan Dutta;  Lyrics: Priya Panchal

It’s rare for us to see Priya working as a lyricist with somebody other than Sachin-Jigar. The song is out and out foot-tapping Punjabi track in which somehow everything falls into average category. The beats, the arrangements, the lyrics and the tune everything is neither good nor bad. The song has a slightly long duration which might create a problem for the listeners. Tumbi and Dholak are the necessary ingredients to make a Punjabi track. It will somewhat sound better with the video in the film. Nice effort, average result.


2. Tham Sa Gaya – Singer: Papon;  Music: Sawan Dutta;  Lyrics: Priya Panchal

Priya is expert in writing these kind of romantic songs and she has done very well. Papon is as usual brilliantly awesome. The indianness in his vocals make you feel revere for him. The song is in a ballad mood, with regular romantic beats along with a mild Guitar. Tune could have been better as it had more scope. Antara has nice melody, only if the composer had beautified the bridge more, things would have been more vibrant. Still manages to be a good song. 


3. Pawan Guru Paani Pita – Singer: Smriti Minocha;  Music: Sawan Dutta;  Lyrics: Traditional

This is a kind of a bhajan, a compilation of some lines mentioned on the page 8 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Smirti Minocha, a newcomer has sung it with an utterly sweet voice. She has a very filmy texture in her vocals, particularly of the 90’s films. After crooning out those lines, there comes a tune of Tham Sa Gaya and beautiful instrumentation in the form of Violin and Flute take place. It’s a beautifully adapted song, fulfilling the religious purpose as well as the melody.


4. Raahi Raahi – Singers: Neeti Mohan, Tochi Raina;  Music: Rohan Rohan;  Lyrics: Rohan Gokhale

As the name suggests, this is a road track, a song which you feel pleasure listening to when your going on a road journey. Neeti Mohan’s voice sounds a bit artificial but very soothing and Tochi Raina is just perfect in what he does. A fine writing laid upon a freshness-filled composition which has an Amit Trivedi touch to it. When you hear this track, an image of your best road journey would appear in front of you. A worth listening! #WelcomeSong


An album that somewhere turns out to be pretty decent among the biggies. 


The Final Verdict:  OKAY



Next:  Action Jackson


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