Musical Sameekshaa Conversational Analysis 2014

Here I am introducing a new trend of music analysis of the whole year through a conversational style. The conversation is between Aditya and Somya, two friends who are representing all the Indian music lovers who are a crazy fan of Bollywood music. With their eyes, you can see exactly what kind of music is being liked by mango people.


Aditya: Hi Somya! What are you listening?

Somya: The best song of the year, Samjhawan.

Aditya: Aah! The remade one!

Somya: So what! Sharib-Toshi did the best thing by choosing Arijit and Shreya.

Aditya: Still! The soul of this song will always be Rahat ji and the original composer Ahmad Anees.

Somya: Okay, then what’s the best one according to you?

Aditya: I don’t think there was any song in this year to boast about. But in albums, 2 States won my heart!

Somya: Yeah, Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy truly spelled their magic this time.

Aditya: But you have to choose an original best song of this year anyhow!

Somya: okay.. now that’s tough. Zehnaseeb to a certain extent and Ishq Bulava too.

Aditya: Hmm.. nice choice! Sadly, Vishal-Shekhar couldn’t impress us this year later in October.

Somya: What the hell! You didn’t like Bang Bang? And please, Manwa Laage was a kind of a song that was more than enough to forgive the duo for making Sharaabi and all.

Aditya: Still, the magic that Hasee Toh Phasee spelled, is incomparable. By the way, what about the busiest composer of our industry? He didn’t seem very busy this time.

Somya: Yeah, he had taken a break and I think that’s why it was so hard for you to think of the best song of this year.

Aditya: He did three albums and none of them impressed me.

Somya: You didn’t like Shaadi Ke Side Effects? That was simply amazing! Also, Ashq Na Ho from Holiday, yeah that’s another song that I would like to call the best of this year.

Aditya: Still yaar, that Pritam magic was missing somewhere.

Somya: Tell me one name,whose magic was there in this year. Dude, don’t think much! You can’t! It was a multi-composer year. Every other album had 3-4 composers. You can’t feel the magic in this way.

Aditya: I agree! That’s the worst trend started by T-Series and adopted even by Dharma!

Somya: Forget Dharma, it is even adopted in that Hirani film PK. There was no point in bringing Ankit Tiwari there. You just can’t make your own Galliyaan wherever you want.

Aditya: Haha! True! Seriously, that was so out of zone. Ajay-Atul did the best job in Tharki Chokro.

Somya: Many impressed! Arko was so damn good this year starting with Allah Waariyan, Dildara from Tamachey and Meherbaani from The Shaukeens.

Aditya: He is a pretty good competitor of Mithoon.

Somya: Now don’t compare them, okay! Mithoon is a god’s gift! What immense amount of melody in Baarish and Banjaara. I simply can’t get bored with both of them.

Aditya: Sadly, he still is not getting full albums. In Creature, he didn’t even get enough limelight. All the fame went to Tony Kakkar.

Somya: He deserved that fame man! Saawan Aaya Hai brought back the innocence in romantic tracks.

Aditya: Many promising young guns did entry this year. Besides Tony, Amaal Malik, the duo Angnel and Faizan, Shashi Suman, Shivam all of them did an impressive entry!

Somya: Amaal and his brother Armaan! Damn cute they are and their song Naina! Lovely dude!

Aditya: Yeah, Naina was the last minute surprise in the album.

Somya: Talking about surprise, Lakshmi wins in that! I recommend you to hear that. I loved that album.

Aditya: Okay, I’ll hear that! Also, Meet Bros Anjjan blew me away this year with Baby Doll. What a beautiful song that was and what an amazing discovery Kanika Kapoor.

Somya: Yeah, that and Sohail Sen’s Tune Maari Entriyaan!

Aditya: Ahaa!! Did I say this year wasn’t good. It was!! Sohail Sen superbly performed in Gunday. Any other song that entertained you?

Somya: Ofcourse! How can you forget the nursery rhyme, Johnny Johnny!

Aditya: Oh yeah, Sachin-Jigar were good, ending the year on a happy note with Happy Ending though last year they were much better.

Somya: Last year will always be the best year for the duo. And forget Baby Doll, the real patakha was Patakha Guddi.

Aditya: Yeahh!! That is the best song for me. Rahman also impressed in Lekar Hum Deewana Dil.

Somya: See! We started this discussion with the impression that this year hasn’t witnessed good music, and see how we landed into so many superb songs that were full of creativity and also heart touching. Now leave me alone, and let me listen Samjhawan.

Aditya: After a discussion of so many songs, you are still on Samjhawan! Okay fine, enjoy with Arijit and Shreya. Bye!!

Somya: Bye!


** This conversation is purely fictitious just like the characters Aditya and Somya are. It was neither meant to hurt anybody’s intention nor to show a particular point of view.


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