Let’s Celebrate!! (Tevar – Music Review)

Boney Kapoor’s Tevar in association with Eros has actually been made 5th time in India. The scenario began in Telugu with Okkadu in 20013, which was the original and then it was remade in Tamil in 2004, which again remade in Kannada in 2006, which again remade in Bengali in 2008, which finally came to Bollywood i.e Hindi as Tevar in 2014. Arjun Kapoor is first time appearing in his father’s produced movie alongwith Sonakshi Sinha and Manoj Bajpayee. Music has been given to Sajid-Wajid who are the best in handling this department of the genre Action/Drama. Imran Khan of the Almplifier fame has been given one track which he has composed, written and sung.




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Music: Sajid-Wajid;  Lyrics: Kausar Munir;  Music Label: Eros Music


1. Superman – Singer: Wajid;  Additional Lyrics: Danish Sabri, Sajid

If the hook line was already decided by the makers, then Boney took a great decision for opting Sajid-Wajid on board. Since they are actually Salman’s biggest fans, it must be pretty easy and spontaneous for them to compose a song on Salman’s fan. Arrangements are highly techno tuned and with Wajid’s lazy sounding vocals, a celebratory atmosphere forms for the die hard Salman fans. Also, the lyrics are quite entertaining with not just Salman in the picture but also the activities and a kind of an intro of the Salman fan i.e the character of Arjun Kapoor. A typical Sajid-Wajid track, providing nice entertainment!


2. Radha Nachegi – Singers: Ritu Pathak, Shabab Sabri, Danish Sabri

When it comes to modernize a traditional figure, Radha is Bollywood’s favorite. Now you can make her do anything you want. According to them, Radha likes to party which resulting in Music bajega loud, toh Radha naachegi. Barring this hook line, which is musically and lyrically flatly staid, the whole song is a brilliant effort by the duo. The intro by Ritu in a much sweeter voice than she actually has, the chorus by Sabri brothers, the arrangements led by Sitar as well as the handling of the beats all are placed wonderfully. Antara is a treat with the tune, the rhythm and the lyrics it is being made. A decent affair having flaws which can be easily ignored.


3. Madamiyan – Singers: Mika Singh, Mamta Sharma

This is something which you should completely ignore. Ignorance by the listeners for these songs can only terminate their productions. Sajid-Wajid’s annoying treatment with Horns, with a cheaply sounding tune and with a disturbing jodi of Mika and Mamta. Beats resemble to that of Dhadang Dhang (Rowdy Rathore) though the energy level of the former is much higher and the voice quality of singers (Shreya & Wajid) is incomparable. Very respectfully yaar, skip this track!!


4. Joganiyan – Singer: Shruti Haasan

You don’t expect Shruti Haasan to sing unless she is in the film, but this is an exception, not only for Shruti but for Sajid-Wajid also. An enormously beautiful composition, with effective handling of orchestration. Lyrics by Kausar are impressively laid on the tune, maintaining a good coordination between the two. This is definitely the best song in the voice of Shruti, giving her much scope to prove her expertise than her previous songs like Alvida (D-Day). Wajid doing the backing for Shruti in the hook line beautifies the song more. One of the perfectly arranged songs by Sajid-Wajid. #WelcomeSong



5. Main Nai Jaana Pardes – Singer: Shafqat Amanat Ali;  Original Composition: Shafqat Amanat Ali

Shafqat steals the show here with his classically expert vocals which Sajid-Wajid has beautified with Veena in the mukhda. Quite a similar rhythm of Surili Akhiyon waali (Veer). The way Tabla is played in Sajid-Wajid’s songs is although too cliche, always impresses. The duo has quite smoothly mixed raag Hansadhwani with the Rock base and the chorus behind that is lovely. A lovely Thumri based fusion! Note: This is an old composition by Shafqat Amanat Ali which Sajid-Wajid have recreated with some modification. It’s all the way Shafqat Amanat Ali! 


6. Let’s Celebrate – Singer: Imran Khan, Sonakshi Sinha;  Guest Composer: Imran Khan;  Guest Lyricist: Imran Khan

Woofer tu meri, meri, main tera Amplifier! Remember this ultimate catchy addictive track? That’s Imran Khan for you who doesn’t only disappoint here but also bores you to the core. Even the techno sounds are too cliche to be praised and the tune is too staid to give any compliment. All you remember after hearing this track is Moment! Moment! Moment! Moment! But don’t give a single moment of your life to this track.


In this middling soundtrack of Sajid-Wajid, they scored brilliantly in two tracks. 


The Final Verdict:  OKAY



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