Not so crazy!! (Crazy Cukkad – Music Review)

Inspite of belonging to the Prakash Jha Productions, the film is hardly making any waves around, having a single recognizable face in the form of Swanand Kirkire. Many of us who know him as a well known lyricist, will get to witness his acting talent through this film. Music of the film has been given by a debutante duo Siddharth-Suhaas and surprisingly the lyrics are penned by Kumaar and not by Swanand who is actually an integral part of the film.



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Music: Sidhartha-Suhaas;  Lyrics: Kumaar;  Music Label: T-Series


1. Crazy Cukkad – Singers: Shahid Mallya, Kumaar, Shipra Goyal

The chorus singing cukkad nachda is the best part of the song. The composition is made in such a way that it captures the mood of the film quite well. Shahid Mallya’s vocals help resisting a song to be loud yet the enthusiasm in the track remains. Shipra doesn’t have any specific role, except being audible in chorus. Lyrics, inspite of not making much sense, are enjoyable and help the composition in being catchy. Enjoyable! 


2. Party Ka Hero – Singers: Shahid Mallya, Shipra Goyal

Very similar mukhda to the title track of Desi Boyz and that harmony maestro, tabla maestro is way too irritating to be heard multiple times in the track. Shahid is again upto the mark, actually trying to be the party ka hero, but sadly the composition is so repeatedly boring that he couldn’t be. Kumaar couldn’t write anything better for such a staid composition. Boring! 


3. Chand Yeh – Singer: Swanand Kirkire 

Swanand shows his another talent here of being a nice singer which he has already done before in few films. While listening to it, you feel it could have been a wonderful song. The composers have laid nice arrangements but the tune somewhere lacks that attraction due to which the song fails to show its gaiety. Swanand Kirkire is the only saving grace of the track.


4. Sexy Wala Pakoda – Singers: Suhaas Shetty, Jugnu Ishiqui

One of the duo, Suhaas comes behind the mic and completely fails to impress, less with singing, more with the composition, though it’s Kumaar who disappoints with such awful lyrics. Jugnu is a debut female singer, does an avoidable rap. It has hardly anything to describe, as the composition is very ordinary and lyrics let you down. Ignore.


5. Yeh Dil Jaane Na – Ankit Dayal, Shipra Goyal

Composition is itself so off key at many places, that the moment it begins, you lose the interest. Shipra finally gets something to sing in her natural voice. The acoustic setup doesn’t impress much. Again the same feeling of the song could have been composed and arranged in a much better way. Ankit Dayal, the newcomer impresses with his youthful voice. Kumaar’s writing here shows some sense atleast. An imperfect composition.


The debutante composer duo Sidhartha-Suhaas tries hard, yet disappoints in their very first attempt. 


The Final Verdict:  DISAGREE





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