Ability to hit the chord!! (Khamoshiyan – Music Review)

Mahesh Bhatt has been going gaga over the music of Khamoshiyan much before its release. You get to know the reason for his real confidence when the music has actually arrived. The title track has already earned fame and the second track is on its way to be the favorites of the listeners. After Aashiqui 2, I don’t think Bhatts will ever now go for a single composer. This time they have introduced a duo Bobby-Imran and a composer Naved Jafar along with Jeet Gannguli and Ankit Tiwari.Khamoshiyan


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Music Label: Sony Music


1. Khamoshiyan / Khamoshiyan (Unplugged) – Singer: Arijit Singh / Jeet Gannguli;  Music: Jeet Ganguli;  Lyrics: Rashmi Singh

The title track is a lovely template, catchy enough to climb up the charts in minutes. Jeet’s charmingly nostalgic tune, particularly in the antara gives a delightful pleasurable listening. It is surprisingly Arijit Singh who spoils the mood at some places, for instance, in the hook line khamoshiyan teri meri, when he vocalizes it differently each time, he doesn’t seem to be in the rightest form as he even gets off the keys once or twice, which is quite an unacceptable thing in this world of recording. Also, the different styles of saying it, instead of sounding smart, actually represents the flaws in singing and seem irrelevant. The unplugged by Jeet with less instrumentation is a pretty decent affair too. A decent melody, ability to be sustained in your playlist.


2. Tu Har Lamha – Singer: Arijit Singh;  Music: Bobby-Imran;  Lyrics: Sayeed Quadri

So, the young duo Bobby-Imran starts their journey with a Soft Rock, aesthetically written by Sayeed Quadri, all about knowing your beloved’s thought processing of how she thinks about you, how she feels about you. That’s a zone where Sayeed Quardi hardly goes wrong, accurately measuring the passion of love but the young duo, though hasn’t gone wrong, still has made the atmosphere quite exhausting with the staid tune having blatantly flat notes which even Arijit Singh, with his effective vocals, seemed hard to manage. The church’ish chorus and the Flute are special mentions. Typical Bhatt affair which is getting exhaustive now.


3. Baatein Ye Kabhi Na (Male) / Baatein Ye Kabhi Na (Female) – Singer: Arijit Singh / Palak Muchhal;  Music: Jeet Gannguli;  Lyrics: Sayeed Quadri

Many times, you have a starting trouble while doing a new work. Well, that’s quite much the case with this track. I wonder why a sweet nostalgic romantic track has been started with a weird techno sound which has no appropriate relation with the melody. Very soon the melody takes control over the song, and it becomes as lovable as your current favorite song. Jeet Ganguli has kept the melody as simple as he could, similarly Sayeed Quadri has done his simplest writing but what they both have done is the fitting of connection with listeners. Very intelligently and genuinely, the music and lyrics connect with you and in a moment you are hooked to it. Perfectly sung by Arijit Singh and decent effort by Palak. Flute work is enthralling. Highly Recommended! #WelcomeSong


4. Kya Khoya – Singer: Naved Jafar;  Music: Naved Jafar;  Lyrics: Rashmi Singh

At first attempt, Naved Jafar does grab your attention, not necessarily in a good way. The Lucky Ali-like singing snatches the whatever novelty the song has. The rhythm is highly engaging and because of that, you actually listen to the whole song, developing the liking towards it but as soon as the rhythm leaves your attention, you know you are not listening to a great track. The chorus part sounds like a cheaper version of Ae Khuda (Murder 2). Leaving the Violin with which it ends, there’s hardly anything in this track to boast about.


5. Bheeg Loon (Female) / Bheeg Loon (Male) – Singer: Prakriti Kakar / Ankit Tiwari;  Music: Ankit Tiwari;  Lyrics: Abhendra Kumar Upadhyay

Ankit Tiwari has been given the sexiest track of the album and with all of his lazy voice, he does justice with it. The song sounds more apt in a female voice and Prakriti has nailed it. She sings as good as her sister Akriti sings. Her voice fitted perfectly in this track and she has managed to be a killer performer with quite an addictive tune which goes with a lot variation. Lyrics are suitable according to the atmosphere of the song. A good effort, resulting mostly everything in the favor of the track.


6. Subhan Allah – Singers: Anupam Amod, Imran Ali;  Music: Bobby-Imran;  Lyrics: Sayeed Quadri

This is another version of Tu Har Lamha with completely different lyrics as well as the singer. It is already known that Anupam Amod can’t sound better than Arijit, still the version is pretty decent with the duo having replaced the Rock elements with bass and Tabla. Due to the absence of Rock arrangements, it’s actually more likable. It’s just that it doesn’t have Arijit and that’s why it is lagging behind the original. Again, amazing work by Sayeed Quadri. A likable version of Tu Har Lamha.


Khamoshiyan is an album which deserves a hearing at least once with two lovable melodies by Jeet Gannguli.


The Final Verdict:  OKAY



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