The Shortest T-Series Soundtrack!! (Baby – Music Review)

Neeraj Pandey is back with another political thriller but it is the first time that he is dealing directly with terrorism whereas in A Wednesday, terrorism was pictured through a common man. Baby is the name of the operation that Akshay Kumar and team will handle in the film. Contrary to the general approach of T-Series towards their film’s music, this is a drastic step by them to have just two songs in the album, one by M.M. Kreem and the other by Meet Bros Anjjan.



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Music Label: T-Series


1. Beparwah / Beparwah (MBA Swag) – Singer: Apeksha Dandekar / Apeksha Dandekar, Earl Edgar;  Music: Meet Bros Anjjan;  Lyrics: Manoj Muntashir

Except a mild use of Sarod, and a little bit Guitar, mostly the song deals with intense techno sounds. Apeksha is very suitable for the track and she has justified the mood of the song completely. The way she says beparwah, is the only way to create impact on the listeners. Manoj Muntashir’s satirical lyrics aptly defines the theme which the film is surrounded by. It might not please all, but the composers have come up with what best they could have. 


2. Main Tujhse Pyaar Nahin Karta – Singer: Papon;  Music: M.M. Kreem;  Lyrics: Manoj Muntashir

This song is all about the lyrics. Amazingly written by Manoj Muntashir in which he uses a unique concept where the lover first refuses the love for his beloved and then he puts conditions to it using par (but) and then he describes his condition without her as what happens with him, if and when he doesn’t love her. Personally, I haven’t yet come across such a uniquely romantic concept in lyrics writing. M.M. Kreem has used Violins perfectly in the background in support of the mood set by the lyrics. The composition though doesn’t satisfy me as it’s composed very differently, sounding very uncatchy. If you get pleasure in poems, grab it in your playlist! #WelcomeSong.


3. Main Tujhse Pyaar Nahin Karti – Singer: Ramya Behra;  Music: M.M. Kreem;  Lyrics: Manoj Muntashir

It’s the female version of the previous song, very well rendered by Ramya Behra who is originally a Telugu singer. It’s her first Hindi song which she has managed wonderfully. She has a beautiful voice which can easily get her more Bollywood songs in her bucket. Lyrics are slightly changed which again are worth listening. Manoj Muntashir has nailed it. It is simply his best work till date. #WelcomeSong


A great compromise by T-Series which otherwise focus on music the most in the form of two good songs by Meet Bros Anjjan, M.M. Kreem and Manoj Muntashir. 


The Final Verdict:  OKAY



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