Valentine’s Day Special: Tere Ghar Ke Saamne – Music Remembrance

This is my all time favorite Retro album which is out and out romantic. SD Burman along with Hasrat Jaipuri, created a huge blow to the era of 1960s with some of the finest catchy melodies along with the memorably shot videos of all the songs by the director Vijay Anand. Dev Anand was a romantic heartthrob of that time and to have a complete romantic film album featuring him, was a cherry on cake.

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Music: SD Burman;  Lyrics: Hasrat Jaipuri;  Music Label: HMV

1. Dil Ka Bhanwar – Singer: Mohommad Rafi – The use of Sarangi to start a song which has a romance being presented in a very light way, is a unique effort. Violins are extensively played, making the atmosphere grandeur. The Flute which appears on each time Rafi hums, is damn cute. Also, Santoor has been placed really well in every interlude. Hasrat Jaipuri has penned some wonderful but situational lines such as “Chahe tum mitaana par na tum giraana, Ansoo ki tarah nigaah se, Pyar ki oochayi ishq ki gehrai, Pooch lo hamari aah se, Aasman choo liya re!” The song is unique in a way that it has been shot inside Qutub Minar following each floor of it which is not allowed in today’s times. Amit Trivedi seems to have taken inspiration from here for Sawaar Loon in the rhythm section. 

2. Tu Kahaan – Singer: Mohommad Rafi – You all should watch its video, being quite funny where Dev Anand in search of Nutan walks in the street at a foggy night, singing tu kahaan ye bata, is nasheeli raat mein, maane na mera dil deewana, to which people from their houses peep through their windows, some get angry for the disturbance while some throw money thinking of him as a beggar. Lyrics are aptly based on situation and has a lack of poetry in it. The way Rafi has carried this song, nobody could have. Being slightly humorous yet romantic, maintaining the sooth in the melody with his haunting vocals. Flute is beautifully utilized throughout the song. Brilliantly recorded!

3. Dekho Rootha Na Karo – Singer: Mohommad Rafi, Lata Mangeshkar – roothna-manaana song that has everything to make it sound adorable. Rafi’s voice is as soothing as always and Lata Mangeshkar’s brilliant handling of high octave antara makes it worth listen. Plus, Jaipuri’s cute lyrics which depicts every couple’s way of romance which in the end always gets things to its place as described in the line “Teri khushboo ne mere hosh bhi cheen liye, Hai khushi aaj hame tere pehloo main gire“. Adorable lyrics with a nice coordination between Rafi and Lata. 

4. Dil Ki Manzil – Singer: Asha Bhosle – Numerous instruments, numerous kinds of sounds and voices but all in sync with the composition. This is the least remembered song of this album, and the only non romantic song of the album. Although mukhda is addictive, antara fails to attract. It’s a cabaret song with Spanish arrangements and some Spanish lines too. Asha Bhosle with this solo number, succeeds in leaving her impression. 

5. Yeh Tanhai Haye Re Haye – Singer: Lata Mangeshkar – Another extremely beautiful melodious track which is the opposite of Dekho Rootha Na Karo because here, the heroine is conciliating the hero who is angry with her. Lata Mangeshkar’s magic is clearly audible in this track, her vocals being the highlighter of the track. Arrangements on Tabla sound lovely. Another cutely written song by Hasrat Jaipuri. Lata´s sweet vocals and Burman´s melodious composition create magic.

6. Sun Le Tu Dil Ki Sadaa – Singer: Mohommad Rafi – Mukhdas used to be extremely shorter at that time. sun le tu dil ki sadaa, pyaar se pyaar saja, that’s it. It has two versions, happy and sad, both sung by Rafi with equal sooth. It is the most serious romantic track in the album as others are more playful. Rafi´s singing will move even the most hard-hearted. And I recommend people to actually read or listen carefully the lyrics of sad version. How tremendously Hasrat Jaipuri has infused words in Burman’s melodious composition, being rich in Violin orchestra. An utterly beautiful melody and relatively thoughtful lyrics.

7. Tere Ghar Ke Samne – Singer: Mohommad Rafi – Finally, the title track is the most innovative of all. It’s again a brilliantly shot song where the heroine is being imagined to be inside the wine glass which the hero is drinking. It’s a highly creative song having a good merge of romance and fun. Hasrat Jaipuri’s lyrics need standing ovation for it. How fab all the antaras are written! Stupendous!

A romantically creative collaboration of SD Burman and Hasrat Jaipuri. An immortal album.


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