Creatively Loose!! (Badmashiyaan – Music Review)

Just few days ago, it got revealed that Bobby of Bobby-Imran is none other than Anupam Amod who has sung and composed few songs under Pritam. Bobby and Imran both have been assistants of Pritam for long and it is the latest Khamoshiyan when they got their first independent work as a duo. After being silent in Khamoshiyan, they are ready to do some Badmashiyaan.

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Music: Bobby-Imran;  Lyrics: Shabbir Ahmed

1. Shaitaaniyan / Shaitaaniyan (Encore) – Singer: Ankit Tiwari / Anupam Amod – You make Ankit Tiwari sing any song, the song starts sounding like an Ankit Tiwari composition. He has gone off notes multiple times. Sadly, autotuning couldn’t save him this time. Composition is quite average yet it sounds soothing which helps in generating listeners. Cliche use of Guitar and weak arrangements make it a very ordinary effort by the duo. The Encore version by Anupam Amod is much better in respect of vocals and arrangements with a nice mild use of Guitar. The line shaitaniyaan resembles a portion sung by KK in Javeedaan Hai from 1920 Evil Returns. Well, you unintentionally land out resembling something if you are creating something very ordinary. 

2. Thode Se Hum / Thode Se Hum (Encore) – Singer: Mohit Chauhan / Shilpa Rao – Bringing Mohit Chauhan for the track is a safer action, still it fails to help the song sound good. The tune is quite staid, lacking enough melody. Although they have tried to give it a Rock approach, still the product has turned out to be very boring. Even the use of Flute couldn’t help in engaging me. Shilpa Rao in the Encore version succeeds to hold attention inspite of having everything similar, just that there’s mild Guitar arrangements helping in making the song soothing. Mohit Chauhan fails, Shilpa Rao succeeds.

3. Garden Garden Gave – Singers: Mika Singh;  Rap: Jaspreet Jasz – Surprisingly the only attractive element in this track is the rap by Jaspreet Jasz which is quite catchy and rhythmic. Mika’s major portion in the song is extremely dull and staid. The atmosphere is well set by the duo but they again lack a good tune in engaging listeners. 

4. Kudiyan Baimaan – Singer: Manish J Tipu – This track is amazingly catchy and very well recorded. The beats create a good rhythmic impact. Harmonium in the interlude justifies the mood of the song well. The highlight of the track is the amazing singing of Manish J Tipu. He deserves the most for getting the listeners engaged throughout the song. His unique vocals attract and one starts finding humor in the track due to the effect that his vocals create. Good attempt! #WelcomeSong

The young duo Bobby-Imran playing extra safe here, resulting in a very ordinary soundtrack.

The Final Verdict:  NOT A PROBLEM



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