“Khamosh” speaks through his music!! (Hunterrr – Music Review)

Hunterrr with two extra ‘r’ is a sex comedy that is being loved by masses as well as the classes. Harshvardhan Kulkarni, the man who wrote Hasee Toh Phasee has stepped into direction for the first time. Also, a student from AR Rahman’s school, Khamosh Shah is the music director of this film. Being a student of AR Rahman, one definitely expects some brilliance from him.

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Music: Khamosh Shah;  Music Label: Zee Music Company

1. Hunterrr 303 – Singer: Bappi Lahiri;  Lyrics: Vijay Maurya – Khamosh has composed and arranged it in a typical Bappi style where you find the orchestration to be sounding cheap, similar to what you must have heard in middle-class wedding ceremonies. Lyrics has been written with double meanings which could have been more creative though. Bappi Lahiri always creates a great impact with his singing and Bappi Lahiri is all what is there in this song. Nothing much to listen for.

2. Chori Chori – Singer: Arijit Singh, Sona Mohapatra;  Lyrics: Khamosh Shah – The song has a typically cute rhythmic element that keeps you engaged for quite long as the tune is not so engaging though the both lovable voices are there to hold listeners by their warmth and soothe. Lyrics are too simple to impress but goes well with the composition. Khamosh keeps it sweet & simple. 

3. Na Heer Na Hoor – Singer: Nakash Aziz;  Lyrics: Azazul Haque – Nakash’s singing is the highlight of this track. The amusing singing which this song needed, he has provided that with appropriate amount. It’s a fun song written nicely by Azazul. Khamosh’s catchy tune makes it more interesting to hear. A decent attempt.

4. Naina – Singer: Khamosh Shah;  Lyrics: Azazul Haque – A mild use of Harmonica and a constant support from Guitar makes the atmosphere likable though Khamosh could have worked more on the basic melody which is not as strong as it should have been for a romantic track like this. Due to the week melody, even Sarangi fails in the second interlude. Still, a pleasant hear!

5. Bachpan – Singer: Amit Trivedi;  Lyrics: Swanand Kirkire – Now this is something that holds heavy weight of emotions. Swanand Kirkire has beautifully described childhood. Till the first antara, the song is a light-heart, fun and amusing but the arrival of second antara makes the whole atmosphere extremely emotional with a nice contribution by Khamosh through arrangements. Amit Trivedi is not a singer though, still managed quite coolly. Listen it for the lyrics. #WelcomeSong

6. Ye Naa Gade – Singers: Anand Shinde, Vaishali Made;  Lyrics: Vijay Maurya – It’s a full on typical Marathi track with Marathi lyrics too, having a decent catchy tune that instantly grows on you. It starts as well as ends with a phone conversation in Marathi and in the middle of this, lies an energetically arranged song with both singers doing complete justice to its energy. Very catchy! 

7. Dil Lagaana – Singer: Altaf Raja;  Lyrics: Khamosh Shah – As Khamosh composed the title track in the Bappi style, he has composed this one in the typical Altaf Raja style. It’s a nice comeback by Altaf Raja as the song and his style is quite amusing and entertaining. All the arrangements have been done according to his style only. The track is going to have its own set of listeners so there’s less chances of Altaf Raja’s comeback going unnoticed. Re-live the era. 

Just a decent first-time attempt of Khamosh Shah. 

The Final Verdict:  OKAY



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