Cuteness Overflowing!! (Margarita With A Straw – Music Review)

A film that looks uniquely enthralling especially because of Kalki Koechin’s acting where she is playing a girl with Cerebral Palsy. The Music of the film has been given by another uniquely stunning personality Mikey McCleary and the guest composer is Joi Barua.

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Music: Mikey McCleary;  Music Label: Zee Music Company

1. Dusokute (Duet) / Dusokute – Singers: Joi Barua, Sharmishtha Chatterjee; Guest Composer: Joi Barua;  Lyrics: Prasoon Joshi – When you don’t expect even a soundtrack for such a film and the very first song chills your mood, eases out your stresses, well then I guess it has to be attempted. The Drums, Guitars, and Trumpets have been so delightfully used that in seconds you get lost in this splendid rhythmic track with awesome vocals of Joi Barua sounding like that of AR Rahman. Prasoon Joshi’s lyrics make you feel a lot good. The word Dusokute means “in two eys” in Assamese. A Sheer Delight! #WelcomeSong

2. Foreign Balamwa – Singer: Sonu Kakkar;  Lyrics: Prasoon Joshi – When it’s Mikey, you can easily have a lot of expectations for an item song. This too impresses, if not in the beginning, does till it reaches the end. You’ll find yourself crooning the hook line after you hear the complete track. Well yes, it’s catchy and a bit different with respect to the chorus Mikey has arranged in such an admiring way. If there’s a problem, it is Sonu kakkar’s vocals here which otherwise sound good to ears. She has mold her vocals too much according to the item-ish conditions. Mikey’s item treat!

3. Choone Chali Aasman – Singer: Rachel Varghese;  Lyrics: Prasoon Joshi – This more sounds like typical Mikey’s jingle which can be witnessed in most of the advertisements which he did. It’s a well written inspirational song that connects so well with each and every line sounding brilliant in Rachel’s westernized vocals. Drums have been used pretty well and the arrangement is very appropriate. Good for those who prefer Western pop.

4. Meri Aadat Meri Hissa – Singer: Anushka Manchanda;  Lyrics: Prasoon Joshi – Again a very jingle sounding track, not being catchy, in fact very staid having Anushka Manchanda being the only saving grace. Guitar being an apt supporter of her vocals, create a pleasant atmosphere though it has to be listened patiently to be liked. Prasoon Joshi’s lyrics is superb. A track having very few listeners. 

5. I Need A Man – Singer: Vivienne Pocha;  Lyrics: Mikey McCleary – Well, on this track, you should focus on the lyrics more as it goes like this “For the sweet talk and romance, I don’t give a damn, but in the middle of the night, I need a man”. The singer Vivienne is outstanding here, holding the whole track by her extremely powerful and effective vocals. The jazzy texture of the song is interestingly arranged, trumpet playing their role aptly. Lyrics are the highlighter.

6. Don’t Go Running Off Anytime Soon – Singer: Mikey McCleary;  Lyrics: Mikey McCleary – It’s one of the cutest tracks of this year for sure. Anybody who has ears for English songs should definitely attempt this. More than Mikey’s singing and composition, it is the lyrics which he has written that makes the song be called one of the sweetest tracks of the year. The cutest song by Mikey!!

7. Aai’s Alaap – Rajnigandha Shekhawat – Rajnigandha, a versatile folk/Sufi singer from Rajasthan whose alaaps in the songs are beautiful along with the sweet and small contributions given by many instruments create a great peaceful atmosphere. Mikey’s arrangements are fab. A great relaxing track. 

8. Laila’s Theme – Instrumental – A familiar tune which was heard by us in the trailer. Brilliant arrangements again. Guitars with Drums are arranged so well that it gets as interesting as any theme track could be. Lovely arrangements.

One of the simplest in tunes, healthiest in arrangements and sweetest in lyrics soundtracks of the year.

The Final Verdict:  POSSIBLE



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