A Jazzily Rich Soundtrack!! (Bombay Velvet – Music Review)

Songs in Anurag Kashyap’s films do not hold much importance unless there is Amit Trivedi in it as a composer. The last soundtrack on which they collaborated was Dev D which is still counted as one of the unique musical outings in Hindi film music. Bombay Velvet is the most awaited movie of this year as first time Anurag Kashyap is going into big budget business having Ranbir Kapoor and Anushka Sharma along with Karan Johar in the lead role. So, naturally Amit Trivedi must have been in a huge pressure of delivering another masterclass. Did he? Check it out!

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Music: Amit Trivedi;  Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya;  Music Label: Sony Music / Zee Music Company

1. Aam Hindustani – Singer: Shefali Alvares – This is undoubtedly the best of what Shefali has sung till now. It starts in a very amusing way with intelligently played Clarinet, drums enjoin on them presenting a rich carnival atmosphere that runs for very long until Shefali enters with her best performance where she sounds to be engrossed in the mood of the song. Amitabh Bhattacharya’s lyrics deserve special mention here in which he has used different Hindi phrases and interpreted them in his own way according to the theme of the film. If one is interested in listening to just the instruments, he/she is surely going to have a lovely time listening to this track. Longest but the Richest in arrangements.

2. Mohabbat Buri Bimari (Version 2) / Mohabbat Buri Bimari (Version 3) – Singer: Neeti Mohan / Shefali Alvares –  Since the film is set in the 60’s era and is wholly based on Jazz music, one cannot forget Shankar-Jaikishan’s Raga-Jazz style and that’s what can be actually depicted in this track where Amit starts off with an amusingly played Trumpet that instantly grabs your attention. Version 1 is a remix of these versions by Mikey McCleary. So, version 2 belongs to Neeti Mohan who has given one of her best performances, stretching and exaggerating each word in a drunken manner that sounds purposely sexy. Along with all the jazzing, Amit has beautifully infused a twinkling sound that gives him his own approach to typical Jazz style. Version 3 becomes uninteresting after certain duration. Although Shefali delivers it quite confidently, Neeti is just more than good in this.

3. Ka Kha Gha – Singer: Neeti Mohan – Listening to Jazz and missing Saxophone? Well, in this you are going to find one in the first interlude. The typical Jazzy rhythm can also be found in this on which Neeti Mohan delivers another cracking performance with the help of which she is perfectly able to cover up the otherwise ordinary tune of Amit Trivedi. The Drums are magnificently played, especially in the end when Neeti enthrallingly ends giving extra emphasis on Ka Kha Ga Gha. The song represents the most basic form of Jazz i.e the Ka Kha Ga Gha of Jazz.

4. Dhadaam Dhadaam – Singer: Neeti Mohan – If you think that Neeti did her best in above-mentioned songs, you are absolutely wrong. She performed in a way as if she actually rolled her tears down singing Amit’s melancholically tuned song which has name that sounds like some action packed lyrics but it is one of the most emotional songs of this year. Violins have a major role in this and how beautifully their orchestration has been done! Neeti Mohan brings tears with this one. 

5. Naak Pe Gussa – Singer: Neeti Mohan – Amitabh Bhattacharya impresses with this cutely written lyrics about convincing one’s beloved when he/she is filled with anger. Lots of Trumpet-ized arrangements that I feel wasn’t needed much. Still, the Saxophone, the bursting Drums and ofcourse the wonderful lady Neeti with the help of Amitabh’s lyrics are able to pull the song quite efficiently. Chhupa bhi na sake, bata bhi na sake, jataa bhi na sake, toh phir fizool hai ye qissa. Agree? Yes, definitely!

6. Sylvia – Singer: Neeti Mohan – This song is a full-on brassly-laid rhythmic show partially based on the Hindi retro melodies of 50’s, particularly similar to that of OP Nayyar with respect to the tune. On that kind of tune, Amit creatively underlays the Trumpet-ized rhythm accompanied by a huge brass section. Neeti has completely justified the mood of the song managing her vocals to sound apt for both, OP Nayyari-sh melody, and jazzing Trumpets. The humming in the background by Amit is damn good. A very enjoyable one!

7. Darbaan – Singer: Papon – Amit returns to the basic Jazz rhythm with Papon, in spite of singing in a soporific manner, gets the desired attention particularly because of the smooth alteration in the notes which is one of the most intriguing qualities found in Jazz. Splendidly played Trumpets lead the song well towards the maintenance of the engagement of listeners. A mild Saxophonic sound constantly in the background supporting Papon’s vocals is beautiful. Amitabh’s lyrics are icing on the cake with amazing phrases aptly used to describe the situation. Papon’s successful effort to Jazz.

8. Shut Up – Singer: Shefali Alvares – Shefali returns with an extremely catchy track excellently placed on Amitabh’s rhythmic words. The rhythm section full of Drums blows your mind with respect to the excellence with which it is played, particularly in the beginning and in the end. The song is completely justified by Shefali. Finally, the jazzy Piano which was left untouched is used here in the first interlude, played impressively! Entertainingly catchy!

9. Behroopia – Singers: Mohit Chauhan, Neeti Mohan – The only duet and the only romantic track with the least jazzing effort is the most mass-oriented track of the album although to give it a slight jazzy touch, there’s a constant Trumpet aptly supporting and beautifying the already lovely composition with uniquely beautiful vocal arrangements without absenting its contemporary nature. Mohit and Neeti make a wonderful jodi and with that Trumpet, Romance gets intensified in the most creative way. 

10. The Bombay Velvet Theme – Instrumental – Nothing interesting in the beginning but as the Guitar takes its place, things get awesome. The way the Guitar is played, is brilliant, grabbing all the attention one can have. Pretty engaging.

11. Conspiracy – Instrumental – Another engaging instrumental track that justifies its name as it creates an intriguing impact on the ears with its marvelous arrangements. Interesting!

12. Tommy Gun – Instrumental – Sounding similar? Yes, it plays the rhythm similar to that of Shut Up. Fully laden with Drums, this instrumental track is the most impressive one as it slightly resembles very likable score of Birdman, with Horns in between summing up to pleasurable hearing. Very impressive! 

Fifi (Bonus Track) – Singer: Suman Sridhar;  Music: Mikey McCleary;  Original Singer: Geeta Dutt;  Original Music: O. P. Nayyar;  Original Lyrics: Majrooh Sultanpuri;  Music Label: Saregama – One who has heard the original one is definitely not going to like it. Although Mikey’s recreated tracks are always brilliant, this, in particular, seems to lack something. Suman’s overstyled singing doesn’t attract much. The Drums do not somehow suit the track. They could have easily chosen some other old song to be recreated as there are many such tracks of O.P. Nayyar. Fails to impress.

The most awaited soundtrack of the year lives up to its expectation. Amit Trivedi takes the Hindi film music a step forward and a level ahead with Neeti Mohan being the most prominent contributor. 

The Final Verdict:  AGREE



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