Fails to Bang!! (Bangistan – Music Review)

Bangistan is a satirical comedy about two terrorists which is directed by Karan Anshuman under Excel Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. It has music by Ram Sampath and lyrics by Puneet Krishna.

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Music: Ram Sampath;  Lyrics: Puneet Krishna;  Music Label: T-Series

1. Ishq Karenge – Singers: Sona Mohapatra, Abhishek Nailwal, Shadab Faridi – Ram Sampath’s songs have mostly this ordinary-orchestra-turned-classy feeling which seems to be ordinary in the beginning but as it gains pace, it turns out to be really classy. The hook line portion has been programmed extremely well with the chorus arranged in an effective way. All the three singers have done decent job and the lyrics by Puneet Mishra is aptly good. A successful attempt of infusing class. #WelcomeSong

2. Hogi Kranti – Singers: Ram Sampath, Abhishek Nailwal – Ram Sampath must have got expert in composing these kind of satirical songs and that’s why he is comfortably able to find a decent tune to a musically unusual song. Puneet has satirized hum honge kaamyaab, to hogi kranti chaaro ore aakhri din. Ram’s use of Ukele at places gives the track an unexpected charm which makes it pleasurable to hear. Impressive satirical attempt.

3. Saturday Night – Singers: Aditi Singh Sharma, Benny Dayal, Neeraj Shridhar, Janusz Krucinski – Although Ram has tried making it catchy and it is catchy to some extent considering the hook line, it is programmed so poorly that the lyrics which these fabulous singers are crooning, is inaudible. You are just able to hear the hook line, in the rest of the portion, you just keep wondering what has been written. Fails to impress.

4. Maula – Singers: Rituraj Mohanty, Ram Sampath – Rituraj who had got Ram’s Sahib nazar rakhna in Bhoothnath Returns has got another song of quite the same mood where the differences created among people by different religions is being criticized. Puneet’s lyrics is quite blatant, depicting things as it is, without expressing them in a more poetic way, which sounds odd. Ram’s composition is ordinary having cliched Tabla in the backgrounds, unable to create emotions unlike that in Sahib. Could have been better.

5. Meri Zidd – Singers: Siddharth Basrur, Ram Sampath – Ram Sampath seems to be trying something to compose like DK Bose, as his typical style of creating Heavy Metal impact is audible though he fails to create much impact this time. Unlike Bhaag DK Bose, the tune is quite monotonous which quite soon loosens the interest of the listener. And since it’s not a pure Metal, even those fans won’t have much liking for it. Failed attempt.

6. Is Duniya Se Ladna Hai – Singers: Suraj Jagan, Abhishek Nailwal – Rock arrangements replied on Electric Guitars, it’s a kind of a theme track, having a very staid tune which surely is not made to sit and listen but only to be watched on screen. Suraj and Abhishek handle the track the very well though. Lyrics could have been more effective. Good for the screen, not for the ears. 

Ram Sampath and Puneet Krishna are able to impress only in two out of six tracks.

The Final Verdict:  NOT A PROBLEM



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