Impressive without Impressing!! (Manjhi – The Mountain Man – Music Review)

A film by Ketan Mehta which is based on Manjhi, the man who broke the whole mountain in 20 years just for the sake of his love. It’s a real example of a great lover. The music has been given by Sandesh Shandliya and Hitesh Sonik.

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Music Label:  Zee Music Company

1. Gehlore Ki Guniya – Singers: Bhavin Shastri, Pawani Padney;  Music: Sandesh Shandilya;  Lyrics: Deepak Ramola – Beautiful arrangements have been done by Sandesh Shandilya depicting entirely the UP folk music to which Bhavin Shastri has led his husky voice effectively and Pawani with her saanchi re is utterly sweet. The tune is simple but has an essence of countryside which was actually required considering the theme. Sweet! #WelcomeSong

2. O Rahi – Singer: Bhavin Shastri;  Music: Sandesh Shandilya;  Lyrics: Ketan Mehta – The way Sandesh has infused Electric Guitars on the folksy percussion is amazing. Again Bhavin with his vocals impresses and the director himself holds the pen to write these motivating lines for the protagonist. A decent attempt.

3. Dum Kham – Singer: Divya Kumar;  Music: Hitesh Sonik;  Lyrics: Kumaar – Much wasn’t there to write for Kumaar as there’s one line repeating almost in the whole song, though he has written which is composed even better by Hitesh and which is sung even better by Divya. His vocals suited perfectly in the rural percussive atmosphere created by Hitesh. A fairly good one.

A soundtrack that remains true to itself and doesn’t try to impress. 

The Final Verdict:  NOT A PROBLEM



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