Charmless!! (Wedding Pullav – Music Review)

Wedding Pullav seems to be the film that is based on the similar traditional rom-com concept of two best friends falling in love. Its music is being looked forward to as it’s a comeback movie of Salim-Sulaiman as composers.

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Music: Salim-Sulaiman;  Lyrics: Irfan Siddiqui;  Music Label: Zee Music Company

1. Oh Jaaniya – Singers: Salim Merchant, Shreya Ghoshal, Raj Pandit – Salim, being a tyrant, captures the whole song, leaving less space for Shreya Ghoshal to spread her magnificence. Raj Pandit’s portion is aptly short. The song represents a very cliche`d style of duo and Salim being on the mic himself, only magnifies this typicality. Nevertheless, it’s soothing enough to please you though not for long. Decently attempted.

2. Naseeba / Naseeba (Reprise) – Singer: Sunidhi Chauhan / Sreerama Chandra – Perfectly owned by Sunidhi, this song is impressively written by Irfan, pouring out the confusing emotions well on the ordinary yet soothing tune by the duo. Quite interestingly Sarangi is brought out at places though they could have worked out some more attractive elements. Reprise is extremely simple with just a Guitar, still sounds beautiful in Sreeram’s vocals. Sunidhi flawlessly impresses!

3. The Wedding Pullav – Arijit Singh, Salim Merchant – There are elements in this song that one doesn’t expect to be in a wedding song. Half of the song has dull beats though the tune is catchy and soothing as well, plus Arijit’s vocals give the song that grand texture it needed. As one expects, a wedding song mostly comprises of dhols nagadas the second half of the song has heavy club beats that sound inappropriate. Likable.

4. Party Karni Hai – Salim Merchant, Apeksha Dandekar – Quite heavy beats they used for this club track, still it poorly fails to create any impact. The composition is too weak to engage and the beats are used vaguely, not showing any kind of creativity or novelty. Irfan’s lyrics too are too ordinary to be mentioned. Miserably fails!

5. Ishq Da Panga – Singers: Vipul Mehta, Shalmali Kholgade – Going on the lines of Jigad Da Tukda, this song, just like its parent, does not present anything to boast about. Shalmali manages to get through impressively but Vipul hardly manages to impress. Composition is weak again and it seems that the duo hasn’t made much efforts to glorify it. Charmless.

6. Banjaare – Singers: Digvijay Singh, Minal Jain – Apart from the chorus portion, things hardly impress. Minal does sound good though. Composition is decent enough to be liked but gradually it is felt to be dull. Lyrics are not able to behold the grace which has been tried with different portions of arrangements. As ordinary as it could be

7. Lagan Lagi – Singer: Raj Pandit;  Lyrics: Bulleh Shah (Traditional) – This is something different than usual to be heard in this soundtrack. Raj Pandit impressively own this song with a powerful composition that does create impact unlike other songs in the album. Rhythmic! #WelcomeSong

Not such an impressive comeback by Salim-Sulaiman.

The Final Verdict:  NOT A PROBLEM 




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