Aaaaarrrggghhh!!! (Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein – Music Review)

Charlie Kay Chakkae Mein is a thriller directed by Manish Srivastav starring Naseeruddin Shah in the lead role. Music is given by Harry Anand, Rohit Kulkarni, Vishal Mishra and Gurinder Seagal.

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Music Label: Zee Music Company

1. I Am Single – Singers: Neha Kakkar, AJ Singh;  Music: Harry Anand;  Lyrics: Harry Anand – Making something like Dum Maaro Dum has been tried by the composer and lyricist Harry Anand having Neha Kakkar doing the complete justice to the song, depicting the very mood the song needed. Nothing special, it’s just a decent attempt in being repetitive. 

2. Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein (Duet) – Singers: Neha Kakkar, Abhijit Sawant;  Music: Vishal Mishra, Gurinder Seagal;  Lyrics: Sandeep Nath – Too much of heavy techno element and less of melody puts Neha and Abhijit’s efforts in vain. Abhijit has got a song after a very very very long time and he is impressive with his KK-ish vocals. Such a gross!

3. Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein – Singer: Nisha Mascarence;  Music: Rohit Kulkarni;  Lyrics: Karan Arora – Half of the word are not even audible and there’s hardly a composition, most of parts are said rather than sung. The composer tries for a thriller theme track but is not able to impress much.

4. Saali Bhand – Singer: Amit Sial;  Music: Rohit Kulkarni;  Lyrics: Nishant Lal – I found the lyrics offensive and cheap. Also, the composition is so lame that the moment it plays, you want to jump and stop the track. Beware!

One of the worst albums of this year.

The Final Verdict:  DISAGREE



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