When AR Rahman goes catchy!! (Tamasha – Music Review)

AR Rahman – Irshad Kamil, one of the most successful jodis of composer-lyricist recently is back in an Imtiaz Ali romantic-comedy. This is definitely one of the most awaited soundtracks of the year.

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Music: AR Rahman;  Lyrics: Irshad Kamil;  Music Label: T-Series

1. Matargashti – Singer: Mohit Chauhan – This song is already at the top of all the charts. Needless to say how vibrant, variant and dynamic it is. The very jodi of Rockstar comprising of AR Rahman, Irshad Kamil, Mohit Chauhan and Ranbir Kapoor has again left us mesmerizing and crooning to this extremely cheesy catchy tune which has a feel-good comic flavor. Mohit Chauhan is occasionally good though. In the antara, he seems struggling a bit with immensely high notes and due to which Kamil’s lyrics is not entirely audible. The song is at its best when it goes into the Dev Anand mode, which Mohit Chauhan justifies it completely with all the lyrics that name Dev Anand’s films and songs. Irshad Kamil is terrific with lines like pheka naya paasa, phir de gayi jhaansa, ainve mujhe phaasa, chirkut zindagi you know. AR Rahman with an easy-on-ears tune after a very long time. A song that doesn’t need time to grow, as it is released already fully grown.

2. Heer Toh Badi Sad Hai – Singers: Mika Singh, Nakash Aziz – Mika Singh singing first time for AR Rahman is itself a news. Mika is quite aligned with Rahman’s composition because Rahman’s songs are composed in a way that do not give much highlight to lyrics that is written and Mika too never gives importance to the words that are written as he swallows most of the lyricist’s thoughts. Irshad Kamil’s expressive lyrics sticking to the situation has some of the very beautiful lines. Talking about the composition, well the tune is again very catchy and the arrangements are top notch, excellently avoiding the familiarity of the tune. Separating the swallowing of words issue, Mika is otherwise terrific with his vocals. An enjoyable track with excellent arrangements. 

3. Agar Tum Saath Ho – Singers: Alka Yagnik, Arijit Singh – Arijit has the ability to spellbind the listeners in just one octave and here he is singing in two octaves simultaneously which sounds awesome. The only romantic song of the album is surprisingly catchy enough to engage the listener in just one go! Alka Yagnik after a long time is heard mesmerizing with her mature efficient vocals. Arrangements are typical romantic yet superbly engaging. Kamil’s lyrics perfectly depict the romance and the pain in the song in the lines like mujhe lagta hai ki baatein dil ki, hoti lafzo ki dhokhebaazi and the lines like tum saath ho ya na ho kya fark hai, bedard thi zindagi, bedard hai. Heart-touching, emotionally as well as technically. 

4. Wat Wat Wat – Arijit Singh, Shashwat Singh – The composition is not so much intriguing and the Bhojpuri lyrics seems to try too hard to impress. The song basically relies on arrangements with surprising Shehnai and some unusual beats to which Arijit and Shashwat (the newcomer) impressively leave their marks. The first antara sounds delightful, the second one has a slight absurd ending though it is managed by Arijit very well. A fun track that needs a little time to be addictive to the listener.

5. Chali Kahani – Singers: Sukhwinder Singh, Haricharan, Haripriya – Irshad Kamil has his excellence in this by writing a song on love stories by taking examples of different mythological characters portraying something outstanding that would get cleared in the film only. Sukhwinder is as usual justifying to the role he is given of a narrator while Haricharan and Haripriya, the two singers from the south leave the impact successfully. Arrangements are brilliant, one of the best I have seen this year so far. Wait for the film to release in order to leave its full impact. 

6. Safarnama – Singer: Lucky Ali – Personally, I was waiting for this song the most and personally, it disappointed me to the core. The tune is so plain, variation-less effort that completely fails to engage for long. It is Kamil’s lyrics that has somehow saved this song and a bit of nice arrangements too. Otherwise, Lucky Ali, doing a comeback in an ARR musical, goes a sheer wastage. It could have been one of a lifetime song, considering the beautiful lyrics and the engaging arrangements and the singer, if and only if the tune had atleast little variations. Disappointing for now. Hope it grows with time. 

7. Parade De La Bastille – Instrumental – An instrumental track which starts with AR Rahman’s humming that sounds purely devotional but soon changes the flavor to fully European with tremendously delightful instruments and their excellent way of playing and arranging makes it a must listen!

8. Tu Koi Aur Hai – Singer: AR Rahman, Alma Ferovic, Arjun Chandy – Built on the heavy orchestration, this song is a treat for Rahman fans. It is filled with his typicality of composing a tune that is flowing in any direction and not restricted to a certain pattern but then it’s not mind-friendly as in one can only start crooning after listening it numerous times due to its complications and free-flowing. Though one can’t blame Rahman for not making an easy-on-ears tune which leaves less scope for Kamil’s lyrics to spread its fragrance, as the instrumentation is so healthy and so effective, it can easily move without the use of words. Although not giving importance to the otherwise beautiful lyrics, this is song is forgiven for its hugely impacting instrumentation. 

If the song Safarnama is given time to grow, the whole album hardly has any flaw. Tamasha, as expected, is a Brilliant teaming effort of AR Rahman and Irshad Kamil. 

The Verdict Order:  AGREE


Musical Sameekshaa Monthly Awards (November 2015)

Singer of the Month (Female): Alka Yagnik – Agar Tum Saath Ho (Tamasha)

Singer of the Month (Male):  Mohit Chauhan – Matargashti (Tamasha)

Singer Jodi of the Month:  Alka Yagnik & Arijit Singh – Agar Tum Saath Ho (Tamasha)

Composer of the Month (Song):  AR Rahman – Matargashti (Tamasha)

Lyricist of the Month:  Irshad Kamil – Tu Koi Aur Hai (Tamasha)

Composer of the Month (Album):  AR Rahman – Tamasha

Song of the Month: Matargashti – Tamasha (AR Rahman, Irshad Kamil)

Album of the Month:  Tamasha – T-Series


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