3rd Annual Musical Sameekshaa Awards 2015 (Nominees)

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Musical Sameekshaa Awards. 

To know how has been the whole year click Musical Recap – 2015

Enjoy the Nominees:
















You can vote as many times you want. Voting Lines are open till Sunday, 20th December 2015 till 8 PM. So, START!





12 thoughts on “3rd Annual Musical Sameekshaa Awards 2015 (Nominees)

  1. Interesting one…have agreed to most of but there is no exact spot numbers for nomination categories. Should have 4,5 or 6, spots should be same for all categories throughout. You must have to decide on one number. Nor you can give 7,8,10 nominations for particular category anything you want. And that would be bizzare.
    Anyway the list is nice….:)


    • Yes! I agree. Nominations should have been of definite number. Actually I was about to keep 6 per category but this year there were 7 albums with AGREE verdict so anyway I had to put 7 nominees for best composer (albums) category. When it got 7, I thought of putting the rest with 8 considering that the rule has already been broken. That’s why! I’ll most probably keep 8 nominees for best composer, lyricist, song, album n 6 for the rest. And anyway, even Filmfare doesn’t have fixed number of nominees for every category 😉


  2. This year has been one of the best musical year , here Amit trivedi like always becomes innovative , Himesh Also composed good ones in Prem Ratan Dhan Payo , but Rehmaan Sir , ‘Tu Koi aur hai’ is well composed , And Irshaad sir…thank you so much that u represented such lyrics before us , ‘Easy to listen but hard to think over it’…..:-)


  3. best album : Bajirao Mastani
    best playback singer (female) : Shreya Ghoshal
    best composer : Sanjay Leela Bansali
    *** I love my heart beat Shreya Ghoshal***


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