A Coke Studious Soundtrack!! (Jugni – Music Review)

Jugni (Firefly) symbolizes the free-flying spirit. The film is all about dealing with the hardships in life and the search of a place which one can call home; where the firefly is at her brightest. A Shefali Bhushan film which has Clinton Cerejo as the music director of the film featuring legends like AR Rahman, Vishal Bhardwaj for the first time as just singers.

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Music: Clinton Cerejo;  Music Label: Sony Music

1. Jugni / Jugni (Unplugged) – Singers: Javed Bashir / Javed Bashir, Neha Kakkar;  Lyrics: Shellee – Starting the album with the title track, this song seems to have been a leftover of Clinton’s Coke Studio episode which Javed Bashir with his typical folksy vocals filled with enormous classical style handled superbly. Neha Kakkar to everybody’s surprise showed her other side in singing which has nothing to do with peppy-pop kind of music and she has justified her part in the unplugged effortlessly. Javed’s solo version has Guitar and the duet version has the beauty of Harmonium and both are capable enough to hold you for long. Infact, the Harmonium in the unplugged is so amazingly played that you do not want it to end so soon. Folksy attraction! 

2. Dugg Duggi Dugg – Singers: Vishal Bhardwaj;  Lyrics: Shellee – Vishal Bhardwaj’s first song as a singer for another composer, and for a composer who has arranged numerous compositions of Vishal. A subtle melody with appropriate lyrics and a wonderful use of onomatopoeia in that by Shellee along with simplistic arrangements that work as icing on cake summing it up as a melodious treat from Clinton.  

3. Hatt Mullah / Hatt Mullah (Reprise) – Singers: Bianca Gomes, Clinton Cerejo;  Lyrics: Shellee, Baba Bulleh Shah (Traditional), Clinton Cerejo (English) – On Baba Bulleh Shah’s verse, Clinton has impressively given the Western outfit with Bianca singing the English lines charmingly and Clinton himself singing the traditional lyrics in a completely different avatar from the original Clinton who gets to be heard only when he starts singing the part written by Shellee. A nicely blended song. 

4. Bolladiyaan – Singer: Rekha Bhardwaj;  Lyrics: Shellee – A song highly depending on strings, typically sung by Rekha Bhardwaj has been impressively arranged particularly the latter half of the song. What stands out in this song is its lyrics by Shelle. Beautifully expressed. 

5. Dil Ke Sang – Singer: Nakash Aziz;  Lyrics: Shellee – A mood-shifting song that diverts you from the classical zone to this Bhangra mood. The song is well sung by Nakash but it doesn’t have the capability to hold you for long. Very soon, it starts loosen up the listener’s interest. The not-so-appealing hook line makes the song quite ordinary. 

6. Zarre Zarre Mein Noor Bhara – Singers: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Jazim Sharma;  Lyrics: Shellee – It’s a singers plus chorus show. Brilliant ensemble having Rahat and Jazim leading the troop with utter sincerity, constantly keeping you interested in the seven-minute long track. Clinton shows his versatility by presenting this qawwali in an appealing way which does not have a strong melody to captivate but strong arrangements for sure.

7. Dilaan De Saudey – Singer: Javed Bashir;  Lyrics: Traditional – Another Javed Bashir song. The basic melody if is traditional, or if it belongs to Clinton, either way, what a melody! This is the song which is the most enjoyable one for a music listener who prefers melody over everything. And even if the melody doesn’t belong to Clinton, he deserves appreciation for fabulous arrangements with Guitars, particularly in parts where Javed Bashir chants his sargam. Another brilliant track! 

8. Joban Hai Shawaa – Singer: Neha Kakkar;  Lyrics: Shellee – A less appealing song because the composition is weak but Neha shows her enormous potential to keep listeners engaged with her singing. Among the weaker tracks of the album. 

9. Lakhon Salaam – Singer: AR Rahman;  Guest Composer: Kaashif Sahib;  Lyrics: Kaashif Sahib – The only non-Clinton song in the album and the first song sung by Rahman for some other composer. Kaashif Sahib is the man who had penned Rahman’s Khwaja Mere Khwaja (Jodha Akbar). Besides the song featuring AR Rahman, there’s nothing special or appealing in this. It’s a regular prayer song that is ofcourse played and arranged well. AR Rahman just as a singer, yes deserves an attempt. 

10. Heer – Singer: Nakash Aziz;  Lyrics: Waris Shah – Just a one and half minute melancholic track that has been crooned by Nakash in a very uncliched manner, and he is worth applauding for this attempt. Aziz!! 

A soundtrack by Clinton Cerejo worth buying!! 

The Final Verdict:  AGREE





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