Heavy Romance, Fluffy Trance!! (Loveshhuda- Music Review)

A Tips’ film starring Girish Kumar and Navneet Kaur Dhillon. It is directed by Vaivhav Mishra. Music is given by Parichay.

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Music: Parichay;  Music Label: Tips Music 

1. Mar Jaayen (Full) / Mar Jaayen (Radio Edit) / Mar Jaayen (Reprise) – Singer: Atif Aslam;  Guest Composer: Mithoon;  Lyrics: Sayeed Quadri – This melody seems to have been found in Mithoon’s old unreleased treasure featuring Atif with his rasping vocals and Sayeed Quadri with his fully devoted romantic lyrics. The Radio Edit version is same version with edited interludes and the Reprise has Guitar and Violin without the beats and different lyrics. Typical Atif Aslam track. #WelcomeSong

2. Peene Ki Tamanna – Singers: Vishal Dadlani, Parichay;  Lyrics: Kumaar – Except Vishal’s vocals, there’s hardly anything to look out for. Parichay has intelligently kept the beats on a faster pace in order to get his weak composition avoided easily. A passable club track. 

3. Dono Ke Dono – Singers: Parichay, Neha Kakkar;  Lyrics: Manoj Yadav – Another club track which is slightly better than the former in terms of composition and lyrics. Parichay sounds good here though Neha is avoidable. A nice catchy track that could have been better in the antara. 

4. Chitta Kukkad / Chitta Kukkad (Male) – Singers: Neha Kakkar, Gippy Grewal;  Lyrics: Yuvraj Goel (The Gunsmith) – It’s an immensely catchy composition. Parichay has kept the rhythm which supports this typical groovy Punjabi melody blended with the techno beats in order to make both the singers able to justify their parts. Groovy.

5. Total Talli – Singers: Parichay, Teesha Nigam;  Lyrics: Kumaar – Parichay has saved his worst for the last. This Ramta Jogi imitated track is hugely disappointing. I hope they have taken permission from AR Rahman to do that. Teesha is avoidable and so is the song. Avoidable. 

Mithoon with one romantic track supersedes Parichay with four club tracks. 

The Final Verdict:  NOT A PROBLEM 



2 thoughts on “Heavy Romance, Fluffy Trance!! (Loveshhuda- Music Review)

    • Yeah I know. Extremely sorry to disappoint you. I do not get enough time to write detailed reviews. Due to lack of time, I somehow review a song in just 2-3 lines. I’ll try to increase the length in future.


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