Indirect Risk!! (Direct Ishq – Music Review)

It’s a romantic comedy written by the lyricist A.M. Turaz along with Bobby Khan, directed by Rajiv S Ruia with Rajneesh Duggal and Nidhi Subbaiah in the lead roles. Songs are composed by Tanishk, Vivek Kar, Raeth Band & Shabir Sultaan Khan.

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Lyrics: A.M. Turaz;  Music Label: Zee Music Company

1. Direct Ishq – Singers: Swati Sharma, Nakash Aziz, Arjun Daga;  Music: Tanishk – Who would have thought after coming up with a song like Banno (Tanu Weds Manu Returns) with Vayu, he would be composing a song like this. I still do not know what did I just hear. It is so off the tune that it makes you wonder what the hell the composer is trying to do. Frustrating. 

2. Duwa Mein – Singer: Swati Sharma;  Music: Tanishk – Much better than the former, Tanishk has tried retaining what he had lost in the previous track. Not completely but partially he gets success with Swati Sharma sounding better here does carry the song quite well. The Guitar in the end could have been avoided. Decent.

3. Nimboo Sa Ishq – Singers: Swati Sharma, Nikhil D’Souza, Mridul;  Music: Tanishk – And he is getting better after each song. This is an even better composition, very rhythmic having apt use of Tabla and the duet combination of both the singers sound melodious. Lyrics contribute towards the decoration. Rhythmically melodious. #WelcomeSong

4. Ganga Maiya – Singer: Swati Sharma;  Music: Vivek Kar – The composer has really focused on the recording and arranging part which has come out very well but the composition is immensely weak. Lyrics too could have been much better in order to support the composition from drowning. Could have been better. 

5. Toote Taare – Singer: Swati Sharma;  Music: Raeth Band – After a very long time Raeth Band is heard and they have not grown in these years. It’s a very typical ‘Raeth’ track which Swati Sharma has justified well with the way she has sung. Due to repetitive style of composition, it’s dull. 

6. Mera Kissa / Mera Kissa (Unplugged) – Singer: Swati Sharma;  Music: Vivek Kar – Again, he focused only on the recording and arranging part which is well constructed and the composition is too weak to be liked. The weakness maximizes in the unplugged when there’s only Guitar. Could have been better.

7. Aan Baam – Singers: Ustad Anwar Khan, Manganiyar;  Music: Shabir Sultaan Khan – The word is aan baan not baam. I wonder why it has been written otherwise. A light mood track which doesn’t appeal much but a decent listen anyway. Well-sung.

Barring one or two songs, the soundtrack is extremely dull.

The Final Verdict:  NOT A PROBLEM 




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