The Duo gives hope!! (Love Shagun – Music Review)

A romantic-comedy directed by Saandesh Nayak starring Anuj Sachdeva and Nidhi Subbaiah. Music is given by Ashish Pandit, Rishi – Siddharth & Band of Bandagi.

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Music Label: Zee Music Company

1. Hichkiyaan – Singers: Bob, Aditi Singh Sharma;  Music: Ashish Pandit;  Lyrics: Ashish Pandit – This is such an ordinary track that the moment it ends, you don’t remember a single line. It is the very second composition of Ashish Pandit who is otherwise a lyricist and assistant of Pritam. Aditi is the only saving grace in this forgettable track. 

2. Saathiya – Singers: Kunal Ganjawala, Rishi Singh;  Music: Rishi-Siddharth;  Lyrics: Moied Elhaam – A decent melody which showcases Kunal after a very long time. The song nevertheless fails to attract and fades from the memory quite soon. Kunal remains to be impact-less.

3. Hairaani – Singers: Arijit Singh, Sakina Khan;  Music: Rishi-Siddharth;  Lyrics: Siddharth Amit Bhavsar – Another melody from the duo and a much better one. Arijit nailed it as always and the lyrics also does create a slight impact in a way aptly supporting the composition. A likable melody from the young duo. #WelcomeSong

4. Coffee – Singers: Siddharth Amit Bhavsar, Keka Ghoshal;  Music: Rishi-Siddharth;  Lyrics: Siddharth Amit Bhavsar – The duo gets versatile here with a foot-tapping cheesy melody sung suitably by Siddharth. The man has also written the lyrics and rocked all the three departments along with Rishi. Keka has a minor role in the song which sounds decent enough. Foot-tapping, entertaining. 

5. Kalol Ho Gaya – Singers: Tochi Raina, Prashant Satose, Deblina, Archana Thammala, Sayantan Dutta;  Music: Band of Bandagi;  Lyrics: Gurpreet Sam B – Except the Bengali portion, there’s nothing impressive in this track. Antara is slightly better but the hook line majorly disappoints. The band has done an extremely ordinary job leaving nothing of their signature. The use of too much of singers fails to save the track. Nothing worth attempting. 

Out of the three composers, the duo Rishi-Siddharth proves to be impressive.

The Final Verdict: NOT A PROBLEM 






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