Experiments with the Traditional!! (Zubaan – Music Review)

A musical drama written and directed by Mozez Singh, starring Vicky Kaushal and Sarah Jane Dias. The film was premiered at Busan International Film Festival on 1st October 2015. The music is composed by Ashutosh Pathak.


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Music: Ashutosh Pathak;  Music Label: T-Series

1. Music is My Heart (Niamat Salaamat) – Singer: Rachel Varghese;  Music: Ashutosh Pathak;  Lyrics: Varun Grover, Ashutosh Pathak – A very different style of composition, not a regular Bollywood stuff. Rachel is good though it seems that a better option should have been preferred. Ashu has presented a unique indie kind of sound and although there was not much to write in it, whatever Varun has written is quite satisfactory. Likable. 

2. Dhruvtara (Dhoop Ki Zubaan) – Singers: Keerthi Sagathia, Rachel Varghese;  Music: Ashutosh Pathak;  Lyrics: Varun Grover – This is even more weird. An extremely different kind of composition which doesn’t give much scope to the singers and is focused entirely on the technical elements, particularly in the line where the vocals have been designed in two layers. Innovative though, could have been better.

3. Bhaven Tu Jaan – Singer: Manraj Patar;  Music: Manraj Patar;  Lyrics: Bullehshah – On Bullehshah’s verses, this mild devotional song is quite soothingly composed by Manraj. His vocals are impressive and suit the mood of the song very well. The continuous Guitar sounds really beautiful. Lovely.

4. Tu Hai Tera Khuda – Singers: Keerthi Sagathia, Apeksha Dandekar;  Music: Ishq Bector – Shree D;  Lyrics: Varun Grover –  This composition by the duo could have been a lot better. The technical elements have been taken care of and the track sounds superb because of that but the composition is lacking in strength. Weak composition with strong technical elements. 

5. Kori Pukar – Singers: Mandar Deshpande, Rachel Varghese;  Music: Ashutosh Pathak;  Lyrics: Surjit Patar, Varun Grover – Blues-like track which Rachel has owned completely.Fabulous singing from the lady with the voice which was required for the song. Mandar has also done equally amazing job making it a very impactful track. Fabulous track.

6. Ajj Saanu O Mileya – Singers: Mandar Deshpande, Rachel Varghese;  Music: Ashutosh Pathak;  Lyrics: Surjit Patar, Varun Grover – This is something to boast about. It’s such a dynamic, sizzling and rhythmic melody of which half of the pleasure is delivered by the autotuning of the voice which otherwise also sounds brilliant. It’s quite a long track but it’s worth the duration. Fantastic. #WelcomeSong

7. Kadi Aa Mil Yaar Pyareya – Singer: Manraj Patar;  Music: Manraj Patar;  Lyrics: Bullehshah – Manraj Patar again on Bullehshah’s verses, creates a lovely mild tune without much use of instruments. It’s a short peaceful track that needs patience to like. Also, it’s extremely folksy so it naturally appeals to less number but impact qualitatively more. Mildly superb!

8. Lakh Khushiyaan – Singer: Bhai Mahinderjit Singh;  Music: Ashutosh Pathak;  Lyrics: Traditional – It’s a great responsibility to infuse your version of composition in a well-established traditional lyrics and Ashutosh has done it phenomenally well. The use of Guitar is so intriguing, a sound which constantly reverberates in mind. Worth applauding. 

9. Jiske Sir Upar Tu Swami – Singer: Minu Bakshi;  Music: Ashutosh Pathak;  Lyrics: Traditional – Another melody based on traditional lyrics which Ashutosh has been able to mesmerize using Minu Bakshi’s engaging vocals with soothing Tabla and rumbling Guitar. Minu Bakshi proves to be the strongest reason for attempting this track.

10. Mittar Pyare Nu (Male) / Mittar Pyare Nu (Child) – Singer: Mandar Deshpande / Saawan Jaryal;  Music: Ashutosh Pathak;  Lyrics: Traditional – Both the versions are equally good. Mandar’s voice is definitely maturer but Saawan delivers a hugely impressive performance. The track hardly has any instruments or rhythm. It hugely relies on the vocals and hence, both the singers are the heroes in their respective versions.

11. Jo Mange Thakur – Singer: Bhai Mahinderjit Singh;  Music: Ashutosh Pathak;  Lyrics: Traditional – Lovely melody on this traditional lyrics sung flawlessly by Mahinderjit. Not much use of instrumentation, just a bit wind rhythm that holds the mood of the song still. Mahinderjit’s vocals are so good that it feels like listening to it without pause. Resounding. 

12. Tu Mera Pita – Singer: Bhai Mahinderjit Singh;  Music: Ashutosh Pathak;  Lyrics: Traditional – Equally soothing, equally melodious and equally captivating and hence equally impressive melody if compared to the above melody. Mahinderjit’s vocals are phenomenal and have the ability to keep the listener engaged for very long. Another resounding melody. 

13. Ek Onkar – Singer: Minu Bakshy;  Music: Ashutosh Pathak;  Lyrics: Traditional – After Rang De Basanti version by Rahman, it’s hard to like another but honestly, it’s quite better than Rahman’s version.


Ashutosh Pathak dominating the soundtrack in quantity as well as quality.


The Final Verdict:  POSSIBLE











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