Excellent Debut by Rohan & Vinayak!! (Nil Battey Sannata – Music Review)

Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari brings a film on mother-daughter relationship starring Swara Bhaskar and Ria Shukla in lead roles. Music is given by the debutante duo Rohan & Vinayak.

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Music: Rohan & Vinayak;  Music Label: Eros Music

1. Murabba – Singer: Neuman Pinto;  Lyrics: Manoj Yadav – Another Murabba after Bombay Talkies and it as innocent as that. Neuman’s breezy vocals justify the mood of the song quite well while the duo’s composition is extremely simple, sweet and melodious. It is the lyrics by Manoj Yadav that stands out. After Sun Ri Baavli (Lakshmi), he seems to be in his best. Lovely Murabba. 

2. Maths Mein Dabba Gul – Singers: Rohan Utpat, Aarti Shenai;  Lyrics: Nitesh Tiwari – This is fun and highly relatable song as most of the people can relate with the frightening nature of Maths. Rohan Utpat does the amazing job of singing with such weird speed while Aarti Shenai sounds beautiful in her relatively short portion. The duo has created an apt song for the theme of the film with the help of Nitesh’s equally apt lyrics.

3. Maula – Singer: Nandini Srikar;  Lyrics: Manoj Yadav – Who stands out is again Manoj Yadav with his excellent writing. Apart from him, Nandini is always a charmer with her serene vocals that impact deeply. The composition is likable because of the mature arrangements they have done.

4. Maa / Maa (Hariharan) / Maa Theme (Instrumental) – Singer: Mohan Kannan / A. Hariharan;  Lyrics: Shreyas Jain (Sherry) – The duo not only deserves applaud for the composition but also for the choice of singers for both the versions. Hariharan and Mohan Kannan both are efficient in extracting emotions from a song and they both do it with extreme comfort. Arrangements have been kept light and soothing with a beautiful Violin piece in the instrumental. Worth attempting. #WelcomeSong

5. Chanda Theme (Instrumental) – A lovely piece of Violin to end with.

An excellent music debut by Rohan & Vinayak with lyrics writing at its best. 

The Final Verdict:  POSSIBLE 



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