Lacking the Appeal!! (Cabaret – Music Review)

Very less often the director of the film is responsible for the music album also. Kaustav Narayan Niyogi is one such director who is the music director of the film along with Munish Makhija and Tony Kakkar.

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Music Label: T-Series

1. Paani Paani – Singer: Sunidhi Chauhan;  Music: Kaustav Narayan Niyogi, Munish Makhija;  Lyrics: Kaustav Narayan Niyogi – It’s an out and out Sunidhi show. The composition never builds up the mood though the arrangements have been impressive and the techno sounds have been utilized well. Sunidhi manages to pull out the best in the track by her stylized vocals that always prove to be a savior.

2. Phir Teri Bahon Mein – Singer: Sonu Kakkar;  Music: Tony Kakkar;  Lyrics: Tony Kakkar – Tony having got just one track seems to have put all his efforts in making it a worth listening track. The composition has a Ghazal-like texture mixed with passionate romantic flavor which his sister Sonu endearingly inserts with her vocals that always provides a certain uniqueness to the song. Lyrics too are worth noticing. Tranquilizer. #WelcomeSong

3. Do Anjaane – Singer: Roopkumar Rathod;  Music: Kaustav Narayan Niyogi, Munish Makhija;  Lyrics: Kaustav Narayan Niyogi – The only thing good about this song is Roopkumar Rathod. The composition is quite dull and unappealing. The techno sounds were not needed at all, and they have been used immensely throughout the song. Those sounds are actually working against the composition making it ineffective. 

4. Mohe Aaye Na Jag Se Laaj – Singer: Neeti Mohan;  Music: Munish Makhija;  Lyrics: Qateel Shefai – A semi-classical song which Neeti Mohan in base notes has song phenomenally well. It’s an experimental composition which has gone totally in the favor of the song. Qateel’s lyrics also gel with the composition quite amazingly. Munish’s solo composition proves to be way better. 

5. Aakhri Shaam – Singer: Bhoomi Trivedi;  Music: Kaustav Narayan Niyogi, Munish Makhija;  Lyrics: Kaustav Narayan Niyogi – Again, the constantly hustling techno sounds fail to create impression. The composition is decent if not strong, but the constant use of techno sounds reduces the impact which otherwise the composition could have had. Bhoomi is extremely impressive, having these kind of songs being her forte.

6. Bibi Sanam – Singer: Usha Uthup (Backing Vocals: Bianca Gomes, Shazneen Arethna);  Music: Munish Makhija;  Lyrics: Kaustav Narayan Niyogi – With this composition, the album gets more tiresome. Munish has tried experimenting and although the composition as well as Usha Uthup has turned out to be quite decent, the song remains unappealing.

The experimentation remains unappealing in the album inspite of having a phenomenal composition by Tony Kakkar. 

The Final Verdict:  OKAY



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