Experimenting with Simplicity!! (Dhanak – Music Review)

A Nagesh Kukunoor film which has been premiered at Berlin International Film Festival is all set for its worldwide release starring two kids Hetal Gadda and Krrish Chhabria in lead roles who are playing siblings in the film. Music is given by Tapas Relia who also had collaborated with the director in his previous Lakshmi.

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Music: Tapas Relia;  Music Label: Junglee Music

1. Jeene Se Bhi Zyada Jeeyein – Singer: Shivamm Pathak;  Lyrics: Manoj Yadav – With his inspirational lyrics, Manoj Yadav has tried capturing the essence of the film by maintaining the innocence and Tapas on the other hand has given a folksy touch by Shivamm’s vocals and the Sarangi that is played in the latter half of the song. Strings have been nicely arranged giving the song the much needed energy and the feel of a road journey. 

2. Chal Chalein – Singers: Papon, Vibha Saraf, Shivamm Pathak;  Lyrics: Mir Ali Husain – Papon handles each song in his own extravagant way. He does it with Vibha Saraf beautifully making a rather sophisticated composition sound quite smooth and likable. Percussion sounds wonderful, having been arranged in a way that a regular listener could enjoy it without the need to focus on that complicated notes. Sensibly arranged and well-sung.  

3. Dum-A-Dum – Singers: Chet Dixon, Devu Khan, Manganiyar;  Lyrics: Tapas Relia, Traditional – The song has been versioned so many time that all it matters now is how well you versioned it. Tapas Relia’s exotic version of this traditional composition will surely bring you a smile. The jugalbandi between Chet and Devu is worth listening. Devu sounds extremely impressive and so is Chet with his own style of crooning the English verses which is written so beautifully by Tapas himself. Something worth listening to. 

4. Dhanak – Singer: Monali Thakur;  Lyrics: Mir Ali Husain – Begins with a lovely Flute, Tapas delivers the sweetest song of the album sung by the sugary Monali. Sarangi has been used well at appropriate places. The composition is a little complicated but till the second antara it gets familiar with the listener and engages amazingly. Mir Ali’s lyrics is worth noticing as there resides the actual innocence the song is based on. Deserves on-loop playing. #WelcomeSong

5. Mehandi – Singers: Anwar Khan Mangariyar, Swaroop Khan, Niyaz Khan;  Lyrics: Traditional – Based on Rajasthani Folk, this song impresses with the singers it has. Swaroop is already known to be capable of so much. Anwar and Niyaz Khan along with him make a great team and deliver an engaging performance. The arrangements have not been done in a completely traditional way. Tapas has made sure to give the song the contemporary touch and it actually benefits the song.

6. Theme To Dhanak – Instrumental – Begins with a mild Piano which Violin takes over smoothly and then plays a beautiful rhythm having Violin in background.

Folksy essence, contemporary treatment. 

The Final Verdict: POSSIBLE



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