Helicopter Notes!! (M.S. Dhoni – The Untold Story – Music Review)

The biopic on the Indian Captain has been in news for very long now. After the release of the trailer, it seems to be very promising. In music, one of the composers who has been charming with his songs in multi-composer albums, Amaal Mallik, has finally got his first solo album and he seems to be in an excellent form.

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Music: Amaal Mallik;  Lyrics: Manoj Muntashir;  Music Label: T-Series

1. Besabriyaan – Singer: Armaan Malik – With an inspirational track which talks more about the the anxiety or say, anxiousness to get what one desires for, the album takes a flight. The first notes and you already start liking the track, as they grip you instantly, being catchy enough to catch your attention. No one can perfect any Amaal’s melody but Armaan. He is the one to be listened to. You’ll have a lot of Besabriyaan to hear it atleast once more. 

2. Kaun Tujhe – Singer: Palak Muchhal – Palak’s utterly sugary vocals never let you miss any other singers, mainly because the song is so high on melody that it’s hard to not get carried away with the romance it represents. Particularly, the humming part and the bridge in antara connecting to the mukhda are the portions where one simply can just do nothing but admire it. If you’re looking for a romantic track that could make you emotional, this is the one I vouch for. #KaunTujhe

3. Jab Tak / Jab (Redux) – Singer: Armaan Malik – Another romantic track having mixed emotions of passion which the singer justifies completely through his rendition. Coming with two versions, the one differs from the other on lyrics and arrangements in which the Redux one undoubtedly sounds better. Go for it!

4. Phir Kabhi – Singer: Arijit Singh – The song mostly relies on its catchy rhythm and the so-called hook line Tujhme khoya rahun main… . The rest of the song does not have much to engage with. There is definitely a decently composed antara which definitely impresses but the song doesn’t have something which one should listen for, ofcourse if you’re an Arijit admirer which most of us are, that’s a different story.

5. Parwah Nahi – Singer: Siddharth Basrur – It didn’t work for me on hearing it once. It grew quite well with time. It’s a hard rock material that Siddharth Basrur justifies with excellent energy. The problem with the song is that it sounds too familiar to stuffs we have heard in the past in this genre. The composition is definitely fresh but the sound does give a heard before feeling. Guitars have worked so well that it compliments the effort of the singer. Arrangements is something to listen to. 

6. Padhoge Likhoge – Singers: Ananya Nanda, Adithyan A Prithviraj – Ananya, the winner of Indian Idol Junior along with another interesting kid, entertain in this amusing track which is written on a popular Hindi proverb. The choice of the singers is so apt. The song gets what it needed, these voices that create immense pleasure and humor to sustain the composition.

Amaal Mallik’s first solo album is extremely high on melody.

The Final Verdict:  POSSIBLE



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