Neeraj Shridhar as a Composer!! (Irada – Music Review)

An eco-thriller directed by Aparnaa Singh has Naseeruddin Shah, Arshad Warsi, Divya Dutt along with other notable actors. The music of the film is given by well-noted singer Neeraj Shridhar and Irada is his first film as a music director.

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Music: Neeraj Shridhar;  Lyrics: Neeraj Shridhar;  Music Label: Junglee Music

1. Mahi – Singers: Harshdeep Kaur, Shabab Sabri – Harshdeep takes off quite well though she lacks the charm that she carries with her in every song. The song lacks in novelty and fails in engaging. It would have helped if Shabab had got some prominent lines to sing, making it a proper duet. It would bring some color to the composition. It ends in a very traditional way, leaving no room for any kind of creative impact.

2. Irada – Nikhil Uzgare – Belonging to Bollywood Rock, a genre that, if not composed well, becomes a daunting task to hear, this song is nothing more than that. Nikhil’s efforts are acknowledgeable. Lyrics could have been way better, although that would not have helped the song much. Tiresome. 

3. Chaand Rajai Odhe – Singer: Papon – A lullaby relief is here, a song with soothing notes rendered in a more soothing vocal of Papon. The song is too long, though. Reaching the end, one tends to feel a little bored. The motive of a lullaby is to provide a sleep not out of boredom. If the song had a shorter duration, it would have been much interesting and engaging.

4. Mitran De – Singers: Master Saleem, KaurB., Earl Edgar – This sounds like one of those necessary songs that are kept while the end titles roll. It’s another Punjabi flavored heard before track following the similar graph of notes, playing extremely safe. Master Saleem’s vocals somehow take the song forward. That hardly helps, though.

Neeraj Shridhar’s disappointing debut. 

Worth Listening: Chaand Rajai Odhe

The Final Verdict: 1/5


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