Not a Command-able Effort!! (Commando 2 – Music Review)

Commando, a film directed by Dilip Ghosh has been made into a sequel which is now directed by the famous television director Deven Bhojani. It stars Vidyut Jamwal and Adah Sharma in lead roles. The music is done Mannan Shah who had also scored for the first installment along with Gourov-Roshin who recreated Pritam’s famous Bhool Bhulaiya track, Hare Krishna Hare Ram.

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Music: Mannan Shah;  Music Label: T-Series

1. Hare Krishna Hare Ram – Singers: Armaan Malik, Ritika (Rap by Raftaar);  Recreated by Gourov-Roshin (Original Composition: Pritam);  Lyrics by Kumaar (Original Lyrics: Sameer) – The track is surely going to make you nostalgic for the 2007 superhit Bhool Bhulaiya. They have kept the notes intact in most of the places. In the antara there’s room for creativity and yet they almost lose this opportunity of holding the listener back. There’s no point in recreating a track which is so fresh in our minds. Armaan’s efforts are worth recognizing. Raftaar does the rap effortlessly (all of this was done solely by Neeraj Shridhar in the original) and Ritika is left with nothing much. A track with no added creative or marketing value.

2. Tere Dil Mein – Singer: Armaan Malik;  Lyrics: Aatish Kapadia – It’s not necessary for pauses to sound good every time. The pause which Mannan gives just before the hook line sounds odd and worthless. Armaan somehow finds grace in this average composition and make it a decent track. Aatish’s lyrics is too ordinary to analyze.  Even the Violin piece, in the end, couldn’t manage to pull the track out of its ordinariness.

3. Seedha Saadha / Seedha Saadha (Reprise Version) – Singer: Amit Mishra / Jubin Nautiyal;  Lyrics: Kumaar – There are songs that you wonder how did they get approval by the director. This is one of those songs which sounds so much out of tune, the notes so flat and blunt that you tend to lose interest halfway in the mukhda itself. Amit has been used clearly because of Bulleya because this song somewhat belongs that genre. Kumaar’s lyrics go unnoticed because you get busy finding ear-friendly notes in the song. On the other hand, Jubin’s version is so much better. Still, it goes mundane in the middle of the antara. 

4. Commando (Title Track) / Commando (English Version) – Singer: Aditi Singh Sharma;  Lyrics: Kumaar – It would be better if Mannan had kept the whole track thematic without words. The composition is not worth becoming a song with words and vocals. It sounds so much out of place particularly after the first stanza when the rhythm unnecessarily increase. It definitely does not deserve two versions, one in Hindi the other in English with ditto same arrangements.

The only saving grace of this album is the recreated version of Pritam’s Hare Krishna Hare Ram. 

The Final Verdict: 1/5

Worth Listening: Hare Krishna Hare Ram

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