A “Could have been better” Album!! (Teraa Surroor – Music Review)

Himesh Reshammiya is back with a sequel to his decade-old first film as an actor Aap Ka Suroor – The Movie. Needless to say who has given the music.

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Music: Himesh Reshammiya;  Music Label: T-Series

1. Main Woh Chaand – Singer: Darshan Raval;  Lyrics: Sameer Anjaan – Darshan Raval has become one of the most regular singers of HR. His vocals really suit the HR style of music. The composition is actually likable and a proper Reshammiya stuff but the arrangements are very Mithoon-ish. The ordinary digital beats increase the typicality of the track and make it sound repetitive.

2. Bekhudi – Singers: Darshan Raval, Aditi Singh Sharma;  Lyrics: Sameer Anjaan – On the lines of Naina Re, the song does not fall into the trap of repetitiveness. HR has done fine arrangements here, creating a tune of his very own style, having Darshan on board which all add up to make it sound really good. The HR kind of tune. 

3. Wafa Ne Bewafai – Singers: Arijit Singh, Neeti Mohan, Suzanne D’Mello;  Lyrics: Sameer Anjaan – The album gets even better with this song having constant anthem-like beats which sound amazing only till a certain period of time. The arrangements could have been varied, especially in Neeti’s antara. This would have sounded equally good in HR’s voice too. One ought to love it if one has a developed taste of HR’s style. #WelcomeSong

4. Teri Yaad / Teri Yaad (Reprise) – Singers: Himesh Reshammiya, Badshah / Himesh Reshammiya;  Lyrics: Shabbir Ahmed – Although it’s also one of the typical HR style of compositions, it does not belong to the likable ones. HR seems to have tried the Khiladi 786 kind of rap oriented track but has failed miserably. Badshah’s rap is a huge let down, so is HR’s composition. But the Reprise version is quite soothing and likable.

5. Adhuri Zindagi – Rituraj Mohanty;  Lyrics: Sameer Anjaan – This is very unlike HR and this non-HR approach of HR doesn’t seem to have gone in his favor. Rituraj does effort but doesn’t seem much impressive. The duration should have been shorter. Arrangements are good, the composition is not.

6. Ishq Samundar (Reloaded) – Singers: Himesh Reshammiya, Kanika Kapoor;  Lyrics: Anand Raj Anand – It should be quite interesting to know how and why did Anand Raj Anand use his own composition in HR’s film and not even take credit for music but only for lyrics, which was not even penned by him but Dev Kohli. Moreover, Kanika is not even near to what Sunidhi has done in the original and the hook line in HR’s voice does not sound as effective as it did in Anand’s voice. Sunidhi is incomparable in the original. 

An album in which Himesh Reshammiya could have done a lot better than what he did. 

The Final Verdict:  OKAY





Rom Rom Pathetic!! (Mastizaade – Music Review)

Writer Milap Milan Zaveri turns director with this sex comedy starring Tushar Kapoor, Vir Das and Sunny Leone. The music is given by Meet Bros Anjjan, Amaal Mallik and Anand Raj Anand.

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Music Label: T-Series

1. Rom Rom Romantic – Singers: Mika Singh, Armaan Malik; Music: Amaal Mallik; Lyrics: Manoj Muntashir – The song with a light humor sounds quite innocent considering that it belongs to a sex comedy which is quite an impressive thing for Amaal as well as Manoj Muntashir. Mika sings in his usual way though he made most of the words audible this time. Amaal has tried giving it a Tu Mere Agal Bagal Hai feel and he succeeds too to a certain extent. Surprisingly, a feel good (instead of naughty) song.

2. Hor Nach – Singers: Ritu Pathak, Meet Bros Anjjan; Music: Meet Bros Anjjan; Lyrics: Kumaar – This one comes from Meet Bros Anjjan factory. A very avoidable song as hardly anything can be found to be attractive. Lazy writing, lack of a captivating tune, and very unappealing singing. Forgetful.

3. Dekhega Raja – Singers: Nakash Aziz, Neha Kakkar; Music: Anand Raj Anand;  Lyrics: Anand Raj Anand – Slightly better than the previous one in terms of a catchy tune but worse in terms of lyrics. Very appropriately sung by Neha and Nakash I must say considering the mood of the song. But…… Horrible song by the way!

4. Mastizaade – Singers: Meet Bros Anjjan; Music: Meet Bros Anjjan; Lyrics: Kumaar – Deliberately trying to be funny and miserably failing in that job. A title track that describes about masti quite awfully with again a very avoidable work from the music trio. A time-pass song which you must not pass your time with.

5. Kamina Hai Dil – Singers: Benny Dayal, Meet Bros Anjjan; Music: Meet Bros Anjjan; Lyrics: Kumaar – Pity on Benny Dayal for getting to sing this horrendous song which has elements like uaa uaa ouch aaja on my couch in its hook line. If there’s anything to listen here, it’s Benny Dayal’s voice but only to a certain limit. Here’s yet another miserable product from Meet Bros Anjjan.

An extremely unpleasant, horrifying, terrible soundtrack where Amaal Mallik seems to be the only saving grace.

The Final Verdict:  DISAGREE




Singh Saab is not So Great! (Singh Saab The Great – Music Review)




Anil Sharma is back with his Sunny Deol and Sunny Deol is back with his typical Sardaar-ness. After Singh Is King, Son Of Sardaar, there’s another Singh Saab. Yes, Anil Sharma correctly chose the composer. Anand Raj Anand is perfect for these kind of films. His loud and annoying music in the latest Grand Masti was though not a good example to describe his perfectionism. I hope this time he has come with some sensible tunes. After Sooper Se Oopar, Sonu Nigam has again done a composition i.e the title track of the film. Sounds great? Yes. Let’s check whether songs also sound great.


Music Label: T Series


1. Singh Saab The Great – Singers: Sonu Nigam, Teesha Nigam;  Music: Sonu Nigam;  Lyrics: Kumaar

By its name, anyone would have guessed that it’s a typical masala track with lot of  Dabang-ness in it. To my surprise, it turns out to be a superb track with not a single masala element. Dhol is there but shockingly in a very light mode that sounds soothing. Sonu has used some amazing sounds that are not genre specific and are totally out of the box. When comes to his singing, well he sang even better than he composed. That is called something excellent. He has sung his heart out infusing the deep emotions into the song. Teesha too sounded great unlike she was in Sooper Se Oopar. Lyrics by Kumaar is also written nicely and is lovable for sure. The song has a long duration but I bet you’ll not be bored at least in the first attempt. I guess, this is one of the best musical treats for all the emotional religious sardaars. It is the WELCOME song.


2. Daaru Band Kal Se – Singer: Sonu Nigam;  Music: Anand Raj Anand;  Lyrics: Anand Raj Anand, Kumaar

This again by its name, was expected a below average track. But surprisingly, it turned out to be a quite decent interesting track. Anand Raj Anand, unlike his own style, has kept the Dhol, Nagada and Tumbi in a very light mode. They are lightly being played in the background and there’s no overlapping or domination with Sonu’s vocals. Sonu is sounded awesome. The composition has nothing much to offer though it is a kind of relief to listen something nice from Anand RaJ Anand. Lyrics are a let down and there wasn’t any scope for lyrics either. The best thing about the song is that the typical noise and kerfuffle in Anand Raj Anand tracks is nowhere to be heard.


3. Palang Todh – Singer: Sunidhi Chauhan, Anand Raj Anand;  Music: Anand Raj Anand;  Lyrics: Sameer

This one though a little unimpressive, is at least better than some of the latest item songs. Be it Pinky or the very latest that Dont Touch My Body from Bullet Raja, all of them have the same cheapness and even the tune composition is always roughly made. This one is a little different as the composition is a little better and instruments are well played. Sunidhi sounds really good. Though it is also cheap otherwise it wouldn’t have been an item song, but the tune is atleast crooning. The hook line sounds as if it’s inspired by a folk track. I am not at all sure about that. Whatever, the hook line is really a good catchy tune. Though it’s better from others, yet it’s passable!


4. Jab Mehndi Lag Lag Jaave – Singer: Shreya Ghoshal, Sonu Nigam;  Music: Anand Raj Anand;  Lyrics: Kumaar 

Don’t predict the genre of the song by its name. This advise is for me. I again predicted it to be a traditional marriage track on the Indian rhythm. It turns out to be a fast paced track having traditional instruments along with good techno tunes. Shreya’s vocals didn’t impress at all. It sounded quite cheap and didn’t have that class. Sonu Nigam has a very small role of just two lines in each antara. This song has nothing special to offer. It is just that one can tolerate it quite comfortably in the first attempt. He may also enjoy it, that depends on the individual but not more than once. It’s a one time listen track!


5. Heer – Singer: Sonu Nigam;  Music: Anand Raj Anand;  Lyrics: Kumaar

It’s not a proper song, but it’s a track without any music or rhythm. Sonu Nigam’s voice plays the role of instruments, rhythm and arrangements. It’s only Sonu Nigam all over the track. Lyrics are pure Punjabi and a synthesizer is the only base on which his vocals get a nice support. He has sung exceptionally well. A mindblowing singing. Basically, this is nothing but a show to again show how much talent Sonu Nigam has. So, it’s for Sonu Nigam fans!



Singh Saab The Great is a nice decent album with good attempt by Sonu Nigam and a nice comeback by Anand Raj Anand. The album is such that not a single song was disappointing though I am unable to recommend any. They all are good, some are great but they are not appealing enough to recommend it to others. If you are a Sonu Nigam fan, definitely listen to all the three songs sung by him. The one of Shreya and the other of Sundhi somehow didn’t work. Compared to the four songs by Anand Raj Anand, Sonu Nigam’s single is a clean sweep. It’s the best of all – The title track.


The Final Verdict: OKAY



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