Do Not Welcome!! (Welcome Back – Music Review)

Anees Bazmee is back after years with Welcome Back, a sequel to his superhit Welcome which is still one of the most loved films in satellite television. The music has been given by Anu Malik, Meet Bros Anjjan, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Siddhant Madhav, Mika Singh, Music Mg.. and theme music give by Abhishek Ray.

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Lyrics: Kumaar;  Music Label – T-Series

1. Tuti Bole Wedding Di – Singers: Meet Bros Anjjan, Shipra Goyal;  Music: Meet Bros Anjjan – First coming up among the lot are Meet Bros Anjjan who have been given to create a wedding track with a Punjabi comic flavor in it which they are quite expert in making. It is good to hear a non-Kanika Kapoor singer in their dance track aptly justified by Shipra who has sung along with the trio who has primarily used lot of loud Horns to justify it as the wedding track. It is definitely catchy but with an extremely low shelf life. Won’t last on dance floors more than a month.

2. 20-20 – Singers: Anu Malik, Shadaab, Mamta Sharma;  Music: Anu Malik – I don’t need to write much about it. Just listen yourself and get to know the height of cheapness in the lyrics. Kumaar has this attitude of going extremely classy to the extremity of cheapness when he is told to. So the lyrics goes like this main bubbly hui, tu bunty hua, band kamre mein 20-20 hua. The lyrics when undergoes through the vocals of Mamta Sharma which are supported by the vocals of Anu Malik, you can imagine what immense horribleness it must have created. If you are brave enough to tolerate…

3. Welcome Back – Title Track – Singers: Mika Singh, Geeta Jhala, Music Mg..;  Music: Mika Singh, Music Mg.. – Mika has sung as well as composed the track along with “Music Mg..”. One wonders who the hell is he, a person, a band, or a machine and why it has two dots after Mg? Anyway, the song is and had to be typical Mika track which has no relation with the title track of the first installment. The line Welcome welcome is just forcefully infused in order to call it a title track. It still somehow manages to impress enough to deserve atleast a listen.

4. Meet Me Daily Baby – Singer: Siddhant Madhav, Pawni A Pandey, Hyasinth D’Souza;  Music: Siddhant Madhav – A newcomer has come to the rescue to this sinking soundtrack of the sequel but he too gets mingled in this nuisance that is existing in the album. Pawni surprises with the sudden maturity in her vocals. Siddhant too impresses with his vocals and surprisingly Hyasinth who is basically a song programmer, has given his contribution in the vocals too. Siddhant could have made it a more entertaining and enjoyable track but loses the opportunity. 

5. Time Lagaye Kaiko – Singers: John Abraham, Anmol Malik;  Music: Anu Malik – Actually the tune is not and would not have sounded so bad if the singers and the lyrics were better. John’s autotuned voice is horrible and Anmol’s original voice is no less either. Kumaar’s idea of using the suffix ko in each word to give the song the Mumbaiyaa touch is terrible. I would recommend it to experience something horrible like this in your life.

6. Nas Nas Mein – Singers: Meet Bros Anjjan, Shabab Sabri, Rani Hazarika, Deane Sequeira;  Music: Meet Bros Anjjan – Certainly better than some previous songs that we just heard but certainly not of the level of Meet Bros Anjjan. Shabab’s vocals are the only impacting thing in the song along with some strong beats that make the song appear to sound good but in actuality, it has a very weak tune with lyrics that do not make much sense. It can easily be skipped. 

7. Damaa Dam Mast Kalandar (Traditional) – Singers: Mika Singh, Yo Yo Honey Singh;  Music: Mika Singh, Yo Yo Honey Singh – Mika has impressively used the traditional melody and made it his own. He has sung and composed equally well by using some wonderful percussion and along with that, well-utilized techno sounds. This song sounds really good in Mika’s vocals. What else can we expect from Yo Yo Honey Singh than delivering a rap, an extremely boring rap this time, not even a proper one. Mika owns the song, and wonderfully! This is the saving grace for the soundtrack. #WelcomeSong.

8. Welcome Back – Theme – Singer: Abhishek Ray;  Music: Abhishek Ray – The theme track that mainly introduces what actually is in the film, the character sketches and the elements that you would come across. It’s a nice attempt but turns dull very soon. Abhishek neither impresses with his vocals nor with his composition. Boring!

One of the most disappointing soundtracks of this year. You better not welcome it!

The Final Verdict:  NOT A PROBLEM