Music isn’t as Super as the Nani!! (Super Nani – Music Review)

Super Nani is based on a Gujarati play “Baa Ae Maari Boundary” and by watching its trailer, it doesn’t seem to be anything more than just a play. Rekha being the lead, can only attract the viewers. The great news is that Harshit Saxena is finally back after a long hibernation though delivering songs like Haal-e-Dil and Mahejaan, it’s tough to imagine how we would have handled this kind of genre which has typical Rajshri touch to it. Still he hasn’t got the full album as one song is by the duo Sanjeev-Darshan.



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Music: Harshit Saxena;  Lyrics: Sameer Anjaan;  Music Label: Zee Music Company


1. Prabhu Mere Ghar Ko – Singer: Shreya Ghoshal

    This is a kind of a “Bhajan” and who better than Shreya Ghoshal can handle such a track. It’s a typical traditional family oriented song. The tune is quite catchy and simple as most of the Bhajans do have. The song has been mixed very well. It’s a four-antara long song with modern beats by Harshit laid on the traditional Guitar playing and supportive Flute. Sameer has also done a justifying performance on demand. The USP is anyway Shreya as she just nails whatever genre the song has. Applauding effort by Harshit Saxena! 


2. Maheroo Maheroo – Singers: Shreya Ghoshal, Darshan Rathod;  Guest Composer: Sanjeev-Darshan

The duo has kept the rhythm very traditional and it somehow works as the tune is quite melodious, more because of Shreya’s magnificent vocals. Darshan of Sanjeev-Darshan doesn’t impress much as his vocals sound very staid and not in sync with the melody of the song. Though the duo has done good effort, still I feel it would be much better if this song would have been provided to Harshit as he has already shown in the past how much he is capable of when it comes to romantic songs. Also, though having nice tune, the song’s melody and its arrangements sound very 90’s or early 2000’s. If ignoring that it’s 2014, it’s an impressive melody! #WelcomeSong


3. Nani Maa – Singer: Sonu Nigam

You have heard many songs on mother, father, brother, sister, teacher, this must be the first song on grandmother, to be specific, a song on Nani as there’s already a song on Dadi. For Harshit, Sonu Nigam must be the perfect choice yet somehow Sonu completely fails to impress (which is quite rare). It may be because the melody is not effective. It loosens up the interest of the listeners after some time. Harshit is known for good melody, well that’s not his genre but still a composer is expected to be good at every genre. Not at all effective! Emotionally fake!


4. Dhaani Chunariya / Dhaani Chunariya (Rock Version) – Singers: Shreya Ghoshal, Harshit Saxena / Harshit Saxena

The only thing to hear in this track is honestly Shreya Ghoshal. Otherwise, it’s so nonviable in today’s times. The composer gets behind the mic though for a small portion and completely disappoints. The percussion has been used well though not with any creativity. The Radhe shyaam part has a really nice and effective tune, rest of the song is completely avoidable. It’s better not to talk about Sameer’s lyrics. In the Rock Version, Harshit takes the center position and only worsen the condition. It’s way behind the time!


5. Haathi Ghoda Paalki – Singer: Harshit Saxena, Additional Vocals: Rohan Malode

Starts with a Shankh, and dynamic Dhol and Nagada take over the stage. A very short duration song with just one line in it. Haathi ghoda paalki, jai kanhaiya laal ki. Nothing to review!


Everybody would be glad to see Harshit Saxena back on musical world, but what you get in this album, is a bucket full of disappointment. 


The Final Verdict:  NOT A PROBLEM



Musical Sameekshaa Monthly Awards (October 2014)

Singer of the Month (Female):  Harshdeep Kaur – Uff (Bang Bang)

Singer of the Month (Male):  Javed Bashir – Jigariyaa (Jigariyaa)

Singer Jodi of the Month:  Shreya Ghoshal & Arijit Singh – Manwa Laage (Happy New Year)

Composer of the Month (Song):  Vishal Bharadwaj – Bismil (Haider)

Lyricist of the Month:  Gulzar – Bismil (Haider)

Composer of the Month (Album):  Vishal Bharadwaj – Haider    

Song of the Month:  Manwa Laage – Happy New Year (Vishal-Shekhar, Irshad Kamil)

Album of the Month:  Haider (Junglee Music)


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