Novelty floating over Typicality!! (Running Shaadi – Music Review)

An Amit Roy film that stars Amit Sadh, Tapsee Pannu and Arsh Bawja, is co-written by Navjot Gulati and produced by the ever favorite Shoojit Sircar. Music is given by Abhishek-Akshay, Anupam Roy, Keegan Pinto, Anjaana Ankur and Sandeep.

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Music Label: Times Music 

1. Pyaar Ka Test – Singers: Bappi Lahiri, Kalpana Patowary;  Music: Abhishek-Akshay;  Lyrics: Manoj Yadav – It’s surprising to see Manoj Yadav writing these lyrics. They are hilarious, in the sense that you get annoyed with the constant use of weird metaphors and still you land up laughing and there’s a constant curiosity of what is going to be metaphorized next. Bappi Lahiri with his heavy vocals capture every song so amazingly. Kalpna is a good choice for the song. A well-intended amusement, mostly due to good writing. 

2. Mannerless Majnu – Singer: Sukanya Purkayastha;  Music: Abhishek-Akshay;  Lyrics: Manoj Yadav – Again, Manoj Yadav’s impressive writing owns the song but it is also shared by the duo’s equally good composition. Arrangements are worth noticing. Sukanya justifies the mood beautifully. She seemed to be having a good sense of the kind of composition it is. Within a minute the song is able to engage the listener.

3. Dimpy De Naal Bhaage Bunty – Singer: Labh Janjua;  Music: Abhishek-Akshay;  Lyrics: Shellee – So the song must be recorded last year before Labh Janjua passed away. It’s a treat to hear his voice once more. Abhishek-Akshay scores impressively in this track as well. They seem to have quite well captured the mood and pace of the film. Great energy, great rhythm, appropriate arrangements. The composition could have been slightly better, though.

4. Bhaag Milky Bhaag – Singers: Sanam Puri, Sonu Kakkar;  Music: Keegan Pinto;  Lyrics: Keegan Pinto, Sonal Sehgal – Keegan Pinto enters the album with such an innovative track which has a comical underplay, overlaid by the effective chorus in the bhaag milky part that you land up singing with them. The emotions are well captured and the Guitar strumming in the mukhda is something to listen for. Sanam and Sonu are splendid!

5. Faraar – Singer: Jubin Nautiyal;  Music: Keegan Pinto;  Lyrics: Keegan Pinto – Keegan’s next track is less impressive. Except for the hook line, faraar ho jayenge, which has so nicely been done, the rest of the song turns out to be below average. Jubin’s singing overpowers anything that is less effective in the song. Lyrics could have been way better, though. The hook line is so appealing that the song, overall, turns out to be good enough to give it a try. It’s definitely going to sound impactful with the visuals.

6. Main Faraar Sa – Singers: Anupam Roy, Hamsika Iyer;  Music: Anupam Roy;  Lyrics: Tanveer Ghazi – After Piku and Pink, this is Anupam’s third with Shoojit Sircar and he maintains almost the similar sound here. Mukhda gives deja vu of Piku, antara is really impressive. His vocals end up sounding like Amit Trivedi and I guess he can’t help that! It’s good to hear Hamsika after a long time and she has actually got the best portion to sing. A soothing one!

7. Kuch Toh Hai – Singers: Jubin Nautiyal;  Music: Anjaana Ankur & Sandeep;  Lyrics: Anas Ali Khan – Too much of experimentation in the notes as well as in the instrumentation. Nothing repeats here so by the time you are trying to get acquainted with the song, it ends. Jubin doesn’t help and he cannot, in such cases. Fails to connect. 

Abhishek-Akshay and Keegan Pinto come up with some really cool compositions.

Worth Listening: Manerless Majnu, Bhaag Milky Bhaag 

The Final Verdict: 3/5

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Ram Sampath Rooted, JAM8 Routined!! (Raees – Music Review)

Rahul Dholakia is returning into mainstream film business after a very long time and so is Ram Sampath. But the makers didn’t seem satisfied with only Ram being on board, so they called Pritam for help. Pritam has provided his and India’s only A&R Jam8, to encourage new talent in music. Under Jam8, Kaushik-Akaash have already delivered few songs in the past. Now the composers under Jam8 have got this grand platform to showcase their talent, and so does Ram Sampath.

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Music Label: Zee Music Company 

1. Laila Main Laila – Singer: Pawni Pandey;  Music: Kalyanji-Anandji  (Recreated by Ram Sampath);  Lyrics: Indeevar  (Additional Lyrics: Javed Akhtar) – With every film, there’s a recreated song from any film that is more than ten years old atleast. Very few of those recreations come out to be really enjoyable and this, by Ram Sampath, comes under that. Pawni Pandey’s exuberant singing adds an appropriate amount of zest to the track. Although she lands up sounding Alisha Chenoy at many places, she manages to pull the song on her own.

2. Zaalima – Singer: Arijit Singh, Harshdeep Kaur;  Music: JAM8;  Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya – A song by Pritam’s JAM8 which sounds so much like Pritam himself. The style of composition as well as the arrangements are extremely similar. It has Pritam’s footprints all over. Sunidhi might be a better choice, considering the low pitched singing. Arijit has already sung few of Pritam’s songs that matches the similar style of rhythm and he perfects in this as well. Although this is not one of his best, Amitabh manages to remain stick to the mood and style of the song.

3. Udi Udi Jaye – Singers: Sukhwinder Singh, Bhoomi Trivedi, Karsan Sgathia;  Music: Ram Sampath;  Lyrics: Javed Akhtar – The Garba-ish rhythm is excellently placed throughout the song, no matter how predictable it sounds, it sets up the mood right there in the beginning. Sukhwinder’s surplus rendition of do dil ude is one of the attractive elements of the song. Lyrics gets a bit cliched, particularly in the mukhda. Mandolin is well used and so is the vocal interlude of Karsan. A predictable composition with predictable lyrics but few vocal and musical arrangements make it appreciable. 

4. Dhingana – Singer: Mika Singh;  Music: Aheer (JAM8);  Lyrics: Mayur Puri – So the moment it began, I got reminded of so many songs which have this similar style and feel. One of them was Satakli from Happy New Year. The song belongs to that genre which is fine but it lands up offering nothing new or appealing. Aheer, in that sense, fails to create his own individuality. With Mika and Mayur Puri behind him, he couldn’t pull off a great start.  

5. Enu Naam Che Raees – Singers: Ram Sampath, Tarannum Malik;  Music: Ram Sampath;  Lyrics: Ram Sampath, Hiral Brahmbhatt – The song has been made appealing with its percussion and few vocal sounds but that do not help much as it does not have a proper catchy tune that can be followed. When it comes to theme tracks, Ram is excellent, which has already been proven in Talaash and Delhi Belly among many. Here, he gets faded because there is not a single tune able enough to hold attention. Could have been way better. 

6. Saanson Ke – Singer: KK;  Music: Aheer (JAM8);  Lyrics: Manoj Yadav – Aheer who manages to be quite better in his second attempt, creates a romantic number for KK, someone who has been strongly associated with Pritam. KK, with his midas touch, has given this song a much-needed feel which would have not been there otherwise. A nice composition, though Aheer seems to have preferred staying in a safer zone.  

7. Ghammar Ghammar – Singer: Roshan Rathod;  Music: Ram Sampath;  Lyrics: Traditional – A traditional melody that Ram Sampath has creatively produced bringing Roshan Rathod on board who has a perfect voice for handling a song like this. Not much effort has been given in the track it seems, and the controlled effort has worked in favor of the song. Short duration is one such.

The problem with the album is the conflict between Ram Sampath’s script rooted songs and JAM8’s mainstream melodies. 

Worth Listening: Zaalima, Udi Udi Jaye

The Final Verdict:  2.5/5

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Experimenting with Simplicity!! (Dhanak – Music Review)

A Nagesh Kukunoor film which has been premiered at Berlin International Film Festival is all set for its worldwide release starring two kids Hetal Gadda and Krrish Chhabria in lead roles who are playing siblings in the film. Music is given by Tapas Relia who also had collaborated with the director in his previous Lakshmi.

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Music: Tapas Relia;  Music Label: Junglee Music

1. Jeene Se Bhi Zyada Jeeyein – Singer: Shivamm Pathak;  Lyrics: Manoj Yadav – With his inspirational lyrics, Manoj Yadav has tried capturing the essence of the film by maintaining the innocence and Tapas on the other hand has given a folksy touch by Shivamm’s vocals and the Sarangi that is played in the latter half of the song. Strings have been nicely arranged giving the song the much needed energy and the feel of a road journey. 

2. Chal Chalein – Singers: Papon, Vibha Saraf, Shivamm Pathak;  Lyrics: Mir Ali Husain – Papon handles each song in his own extravagant way. He does it with Vibha Saraf beautifully making a rather sophisticated composition sound quite smooth and likable. Percussion sounds wonderful, having been arranged in a way that a regular listener could enjoy it without the need to focus on that complicated notes. Sensibly arranged and well-sung.  

3. Dum-A-Dum – Singers: Chet Dixon, Devu Khan, Manganiyar;  Lyrics: Tapas Relia, Traditional – The song has been versioned so many time that all it matters now is how well you versioned it. Tapas Relia’s exotic version of this traditional composition will surely bring you a smile. The jugalbandi between Chet and Devu is worth listening. Devu sounds extremely impressive and so is Chet with his own style of crooning the English verses which is written so beautifully by Tapas himself. Something worth listening to. 

4. Dhanak – Singer: Monali Thakur;  Lyrics: Mir Ali Husain – Begins with a lovely Flute, Tapas delivers the sweetest song of the album sung by the sugary Monali. Sarangi has been used well at appropriate places. The composition is a little complicated but till the second antara it gets familiar with the listener and engages amazingly. Mir Ali’s lyrics is worth noticing as there resides the actual innocence the song is based on. Deserves on-loop playing. #WelcomeSong

5. Mehandi – Singers: Anwar Khan Mangariyar, Swaroop Khan, Niyaz Khan;  Lyrics: Traditional – Based on Rajasthani Folk, this song impresses with the singers it has. Swaroop is already known to be capable of so much. Anwar and Niyaz Khan along with him make a great team and deliver an engaging performance. The arrangements have not been done in a completely traditional way. Tapas has made sure to give the song the contemporary touch and it actually benefits the song.

6. Theme To Dhanak – Instrumental – Begins with a mild Piano which Violin takes over smoothly and then plays a beautiful rhythm having Violin in background.

Folksy essence, contemporary treatment. 

The Final Verdict: POSSIBLE


Lyrics ki Maa ki!! (Housefull 3 – Music Review)

Housefull franchise has been taken over by Sajid and Farhad the writer duo who just got converted into directors from Entertainment. The music is given by Sohail Sen, Tanishk Bagchi, Sharib-Toshi, Mika Singh and Milind Gaba.

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Music Label: T-Series

1. Pyaar Ki – Singers: Nakash Aziz, Divya Kumar, Anmoll Mallik, Earl Edgar;  Music: Sharib-Toshi;  Lyrics: Manoj Yadav, Farhad Sajid, Danish Sabri – The hook line is indeed catchy yet annoying, particularly the lyrics which actually make no sense. The makers have tried to create some double meaning here and it’s adorable to see how miserably did they fail. I won’t blame Sharib-Toshi much. The composition seems average enough to deal with. The wonder is to see three lyricists writing a song which says pyaar ki maa ki aaj se pooja karni hai which doesn’t last longer than two and a half minutes which is actually its only quality. The shorter in duration the better it is.

2. Taang Uthake – Singers: Mika Singh, Neeti Mohan, Mamta Sharma (Backing Vocals: Hrishikesh Chury, Madan Shukla);  Music: Sohail Sen;  Lyrics: Sameer Sen, Farhad-Sajid, Mamta Sharma, Sanjeev Chaturvedi – Again, the same story goes with this song where Sohail has done a pretty decent work as a composer but the words are just stuffed into the lyrics without checking whether it really means something. Taang Uthake is that phrase which is used in the hook line just for annoying the listeners. Four lyricists have been credited for writing this song. Salute to their efforts. Average composition, nonsensical words. #WelcomeSong

3. Malamaal – Singers: Mika Singh, Akira, Miss Pooja, Kuwar Virk;  Music: Mika Singh, Millind Gaba;  Lyrics: Rani Malik, Farhad-Sajid – The album seems to be turning even worse when you hear Mika’s composition which does not deserve to be called bad or annoying but it is so ordinary that you must have heard something like this at every gali-nukkad. Mika’s vocals sound annoying in his own composition, along with Miss Pooja and other singers who fail to impact. The lyrics make things even worse. Malamaal neither in composition nor in lyrics.

4. Fake Ishq – Singers: Kailash Kher, Nakash Aziz, Altamash Faridi;  Music: Tanishk Bagchi;  Lyrics: Farhad-Sajid, Arafat Mehmood – The fourth song by the fourth composer is a fake qawwali which has lyrics like love mein hum kill gaye and the lifting of phrases like karde mushkil jeena ishq kameena. So, by ignoring the lyrics, Tanishk’s composition is okayish, not anything impressive but he seems to have tried to do something humorous in qawwali which he partially succeeded in, considering the lyrics that has been written. Partial success. 

An album that teaches the importance of lyrics in a song to be good. 

The Final Verdict:  NOT A PROBLEM 


Thematic!! (Veerappan – Music Review)

A Ram Gopal Verma film which is based upon the life of Indian bandit Veerappan and the events leading to Operation Cocoon to capture and kill Veerappan. Music is given by Jeet Gannguli and Sharib-Toshi.

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Music Label: T-Series

1. Muchhi Re – Singer: Mohan Kanan;  Music: Jeet Gannguli;  Lyrics: Manoj Muntashir – A very junglee song, giving the depiction as if some jungle warriors are getting ready for some war. Jeet seems to have put everything quite appropriate, considering the theme and the situation. Manoj’s lyrics is just what was needed, nothing great in particular though. Mohan is quite unrecognizable and hence superb. Very Junglee.

2. Veer Veer Veerappan – Singers: Sharib Sabri, Toshi Sabri, Payal Dev, Vee;  Music: Sharib-Toshi;  Lyrics: Manoj Yadav – More of a theme song by Sabri brothers, it actually sounds brilliant in its execution. The composition is not something to notice but the arrangements and the execution of the chorus has been done commendably. Manoj’s lyrics goes well with mood but has nothing to boast about. It will going to impact as the background sound in the film. The right sound for the right situation. #WelcomeSong

3. Khallas – Singers: Jasmine Sandlas, Sharib Sabri, Toshi Sabri;  Music: Sandeep Chowta (Recreated by Sharib-Toshi);  Lyrics: Nitin Raikwar (Additional Lyrics: Manoj Yadav) – A very short remake of a classic song from Company, another RGV film. Originally composed by Sandeep Chowta, this song by Asha Bhosle was rage and till now it is considered to be one of the most popular dance track. Having no comparison to the original, it fails miserably. Although Sharib-Toshi have tried giving it a novel touch, they fail to captivate. 

This three-song soundtrack remains glued to the film’s theme and does not work otherwise. 

The Final Verdict:  NOT A PROBLEM 



More Romantic, Less Sporty!! (Azhar – Music Review)

The life of the former Indian Cricket captain Mohammad Azharuddin has been extremely controversial and who better than Emraan Hashmi could play him in Tony D’Souza directed Azhar. Pritam had been hired for the music but due to some health issued, he had to leave midway and Amaal Mallik was called to the rescue. The one song by Pritam has been retained, and a Kalyanji-Anandji song that has been remade by DJ Chetas.

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Music Label: T-Series

1. Bol Do Na Zara – Singer: Armaan Malik;  Music: Amaal Mallik;  Lyrics: Rashmi Virag – The best thing about this song is that Amaal is able to keep the ethos of Main Rahoon Ya Na Rahoon alive. With his brother Armaan, he has again delivered miraculously effortless melody that easily sails to your heart. Rashmi Virag’s lyrics deserve special mention. The lyrics have few lines that deserve attention. A melody full of charm!!

2. Itni Si Baat Hain – Singers: Arijit Singh, Antara Mitra;  Music: Pritam;  Lyrics: Manoj Yadav – The old wine Pritam after a long time has come with his late 2000s avatar where he delivers a free-flowing melody without much experimentation, and that structure of inviting the female voice only in the antara. The composition is tremendously beautiful, instantly likable, and unpretentious. Lyrics walk quite on the same route, saying as simply as could itni si baat hai, mujhe tumse pyaar hai. Extremely Pritam!

3. Oye Oye – Singers: Aditi Singh Sharma, Armaan Malik;  Music: Kalyanji-Anandji (Recreated by DJ Chetas);  Lyrics: Manoj Yadav – Manoj Yadav pens the next song which is a remake of a superhit Kalyanji-Anandji song from Tridev. Since the remake has been done by a DJ, the beats had to be the prime focus in the song. The composition is quite weak though. Nevertheless, Aditi and Armaan amazingly carry the song and make it decent enough to enjoy.

4. Tu Hi Na Jaane – Singers: Sonu Nigam, Prakriti Kakar;  Music: Amaal Mallik;  Lyrics: Kumaar – This is very different from what Amaal has been doing in past. Choosing Sonu Nigam for this song, seems to have proved a brilliant step in favor of Amaal. The composition carries a lot of depth in it. Prakriti quite responsibly supports Sonu Nigam, proving to be another right choice. When it comes to writing sad songs, one well knows how efficient Kumaar is. A mature composition, handled with utter maturity. #WelcomeSong

5. Jeetne Ke Liye – Singer: K.K.;  Music: Amaal Mallik;  Lyrics: Kumaar – The song seems to have been made especially for K.K. It has all the apt notes for him to hit and make his mark as he always does. The composition is quite predictable yet pleasurable to hear. Kumaar’s lyrics has the similar predictability, nevertheless, the song enormously carried by K.K. does make impact. 

With a decent remake, a song by Pritam, three by Amaal Mallik, Azhar manages to grip you quite effortlessly. 

The Final Verdict:  OKAY



Excellent Debut by Rohan & Vinayak!! (Nil Battey Sannata – Music Review)

Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari brings a film on mother-daughter relationship starring Swara Bhaskar and Ria Shukla in lead roles. Music is given by the debutante duo Rohan & Vinayak.

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Music: Rohan & Vinayak;  Music Label: Eros Music

1. Murabba – Singer: Neuman Pinto;  Lyrics: Manoj Yadav – Another Murabba after Bombay Talkies and it as innocent as that. Neuman’s breezy vocals justify the mood of the song quite well while the duo’s composition is extremely simple, sweet and melodious. It is the lyrics by Manoj Yadav that stands out. After Sun Ri Baavli (Lakshmi), he seems to be in his best. Lovely Murabba. 

2. Maths Mein Dabba Gul – Singers: Rohan Utpat, Aarti Shenai;  Lyrics: Nitesh Tiwari – This is fun and highly relatable song as most of the people can relate with the frightening nature of Maths. Rohan Utpat does the amazing job of singing with such weird speed while Aarti Shenai sounds beautiful in her relatively short portion. The duo has created an apt song for the theme of the film with the help of Nitesh’s equally apt lyrics.

3. Maula – Singer: Nandini Srikar;  Lyrics: Manoj Yadav – Who stands out is again Manoj Yadav with his excellent writing. Apart from him, Nandini is always a charmer with her serene vocals that impact deeply. The composition is likable because of the mature arrangements they have done.

4. Maa / Maa (Hariharan) / Maa Theme (Instrumental) – Singer: Mohan Kannan / A. Hariharan;  Lyrics: Shreyas Jain (Sherry) – The duo not only deserves applaud for the composition but also for the choice of singers for both the versions. Hariharan and Mohan Kannan both are efficient in extracting emotions from a song and they both do it with extreme comfort. Arrangements have been kept light and soothing with a beautiful Violin piece in the instrumental. Worth attempting. #WelcomeSong

5. Chanda Theme (Instrumental) – A lovely piece of Violin to end with.

An excellent music debut by Rohan & Vinayak with lyrics writing at its best. 

The Final Verdict:  POSSIBLE